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Gold medal "Ambrogino d’Oro"to Observatory!
Read on Media Inaf and on
The city of Milano awarded the Observatory of the Medal Gold "Ambrogino d’Oro" for its hystory. Awards ceremony: December 7 - 10:30 a.m. at "Dal Verme" Theater in Milano.
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Same origin for all the relativistic jets
Different origin and energy but similar efficiency of energy dissipation in jets produced in black hole systems. Giancarlo Ghirlanda (INAF-OAB) comments this result. Read the full story on Media Inaf.
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Astronomical basic course
December 19 2012 - 17:00 - 18:30 - Stellar evolution. Astronomy lesson. Speaker: Fabio Pizzolato (INAF-IASF Milano). Go to booking page. Go to course page.
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A new record for the cosmic X-ray background
Can we discover anything else about X ray background? The answer in a recent article on Astronomy & Astrophysics. Among the authors Alberto Moretti, Paola Severgnini and Dino Fugazza (INAF-OAB). Read on Media Inaf.
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BookCity Event
November 16 2012 - 5:00 p.m. - Natural Science Museum of Milano - "Big bang: from particles to stars". With Piero Bianucci and Piero Boitani, Download the program in pdf format.
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A new particle for a too much energetic quasar
A quasar emitting very high energy photons in a very anomalous way was observed by MAGIC telescopes. Currente theories can’t explain this emission. A possible explanation in the scientifical international review Physical Review D by researchers of INAF, INFN & Insubria University. Read the INFN press release and INAF press release (23/10/2012).
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The big story of the stars
A video review for Piero Boitani’s essay "The big story of the stars" by Luigi Mascheroni (Il Giornale). Look the video.
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The show "X The InVisible UniVerse" in Merate on line!
Brianzanews video!
Go to the video link.
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Commemorating stamps
Today, October 22 the Italian Postal service will issue a stamp celebrating the 250° anniversary of OAB fundation. Read more in this italian link. Download the press release in pdf format.
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X the InVisible Universe - closing date for the show in Merate
Saturday October 27 - 05:30 p.m.: commemorating stamp & lectures by Elio Antonello and Monica Sperandio
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L’universo in fiore - Astronomy course
Free places. Booking on reservation. Download the flyer for the basic course - Download the flyer for the higher course.
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YouTube interview to Riccardo Giacconi
October 3rd 2012, Nobel Riccardo Giacconi tells about the history of the beginning of the X-Ray astronomy. By scientific reporter Piero Bianucci, Shooting and montage: Stefano Parisini (Media INAF)
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"X InVisible UniVerse"
Show opening in Merate

October 13 - 5:30 p.m. - Villa Confalonieri via Garibaldi 17. Download the flyer for the opening in pdf format. Download the press release in pdf format
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Italian astronomical olympic games
The announcement for 2013 edition is now on-line! Deadline: November 19th - 12:00 p.m. Download the documents: bando (pdf) - domanda (pdf) - griglia valutazione (pdf) - template (doc). For more information go to MIUR web pages.
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"X-ray astronomy turns fifty" - a video on YouTube!
A INAF video to celebrate the opening of the international congress "X-ray astronomy: the next 50 years" (Milano, October 1-5, 2012). With Riccardo Giacconi & Laura Proserpio. Realized by Marco Malaspina & Stefano Parisini, with the scientific advisory of Patrizia Caraveo. Go to the video.
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Brera and Merate for schools
Download the 2012/2013 program for Brera in pdf format (175 Kb) - Download the 2012/2013 program for Merate in pdf (897 Kb)
X the InVisible Universe - show opening on MEDIA INAF
Show opening: September 12, 2012 in Milano.
Students competition for PhD School a.a. 2012/13
Students competition for PhD School in Insubria University (Como) is now open. Dead line si 14 September 2012 - 12:00. Go to the web page.
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Concorso Ricercatore 3 Livello - Galassie e Cosmologia
The date for the written test is September 3, 2012 and it has been published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale August 10, 2012.The written test will be at the IASF of Milano - E. Bassini 15. The Selection Committee apologizes for the short notice, which is unfortunately related to external causes independent of OAB. Download the italian diary for the written test in pdf format
A wolf in lamb's clothing
The history of a new low magnetic field magnetar Swift J1822.3-1606 ... Follow on Segui la storia su Media Inaf.
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L’universo in fiore
Astronomy training courses - 2012/13 - Download the flyer for the basic course - Download the flyer for the higher course. Booking from September 10.
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Program for schools 2012-2013 - Merate
The program for 2012-2013 for Merate to download. Have a nice Holiday!
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Transito of Venus - Images taken by Luciano Mantegazza, Monica Sperandio and Stefano Basso!
Some images and an animated gif!
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The history of the Observatory through its instruments
A web site telling the history of the Observatory through its instruments
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Astronomy and astrophysic on Rai Unomattina
Anna Wolter and Stefano Giovanardi speak about astronomy and astrophysic on RAI Unomattina - April 30 2012 from 8:45 to 8:55.
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Black hole's hurricanes - one more sorprise from IGR J17091-3624!
An extreme X-Ray disk wind in the stellar-mass black hole candidate IGR J17091–3624.
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