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Swift's observation
2010 Christmas burst

On december 25, 2010 Swift satellite detected a strange Gamma-Ray burst. The Italian Team's explanation is the fall of an asteroid on a neutron star. The results in a Nature's article.
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Have all GRBs the same luminosity?
All bursts have a characteristic luminosity - 10.000 times that of our galaxy. The discovery by an Italian team with OAB researchers. Read full story on Media Inaf (in italian).
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Download the astronomical calendar 2012 - Our Best Wishes for Christmas and for a Peaceful New Year! 2011-12-13 icona per documenti web   
Is IGR J17091-3624 the smallest-known black hole?
The evidence comes from a specific type of X-ray pattern, nicknamed a "heartbeat" because of its resemblance to an electrocardiogram. Italian researchers among the discovery team. Read full story on Media Inaf (in italian); Read also on NASA - Goddard Multimaedia.
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Civic Merit - On Wednesday 7 a cerimony for the Civic Merit to our Institute by the city of Merate (Lc). 2011-12-08    
2005 YU55
INAF astrophysicist leads Swift towards asteroid

On Monday 7 november Sergio Campana, a Swift team member at Brera Observatory in Merate, requested that Swift train its telescopes on the asteroid as a target of opportunity.
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A winner proposal!
Luigi Guzzo’s project (INAF-OAB) is one of the winner for the 2011 proposal of European Research Council. One of the object si to understand if dark energy really exists.
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