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Astronomy course - on-line lessons
Stars & particles: the cosmic rays mistery - Speaker: Fabrizio Tavecchio - Advanced course - third lesson - Slides on-line: L’universo in fiore
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An asteroid for Walter Albisetti
An asteroid to the memory of a friend of us, Walter Albisetti passed away last summer. Download the circular in pdf format
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About GRB 130427A!
GRB 130427A is one of the brightest ever seen. Its history in the following links: NASA press release, INAF news, article on La Repubblica and an interesting youtube video.
Comet Ison news
Comet C/2012 S1, the ISON comet will arrive near the Sun and could put on an amazing show when it passes close to the sun... Read news in pdf format
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The italian astronomical olympic games
An Italian excellence for the Italian Department of University and Reserach Our Director thanks Angela Iovino, Stefano Sandrelli and all the OAB staff active in the astronomical olylmpic games. Download INAF write pdf format
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Guided visits in Milano every wednesday
From November 6, 2013 every wednesday it’s possible a guided visit from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The visits are for ancient astronomical instruments and "Schiaparelli’ dome". Price: 5 €. For more information: Guided visits. Download the flyer in pdf format
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Schiaparelli and the ExoMars lander
Read about the news on MediaInaf
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I cieli di Brera - on-line conferences
The ice moons of our solar system - Speaker: Federico Tosi Inside comets Speaker: Maria Cristina De Sanctis - Slides on-line: I cieli di Brera
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Italian astronomical olympic games
Registration from September 20. First deadline November 18, 2013. All info here.
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October 31, 2013
L’universo in fiore - astronomy courses

Introduction to astronomy - First lesson basic course: slides and audio on-line. Download -> L’Universo in fiore
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PhD - Milano-Bicocca University (2013-2014)
Dead-line: October 16, 2013 - 12:00 a.m. - Read on Milano-Bicocca University
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Space recovering - Show in Merate
Show and musical performance - Franco Napoli e Cecilia Luce - Opening ceremony October 5th - 6.00 p.m. c/o OAB in Merate. For all information RitrovareSpazio. Download the flyer in pdf format
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12 a.m. - Moment of silence lasts one minute for Lampedusa tragedy
Download the MIUR newsletter in pdf format
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Gamma ray burts controlled by magnetars
The mistery of the sporadic emission of Gamma ray bursts studied by a team leaded by Maria Grazia Bernardini (INAF Brera). Read on MediaInaf.
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Science in the contemporary astrophysic - X edition - Milano
Our program of lessons for schools for Milano - 2013-14. More information on L’OAB per le scuole. Download in pdf format
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MEETmeTONIGHT - European researchers night
September, 27 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Our events: Astrokids: cosmo play (+ 3 year - 5 p.m. - 07.30 p.m.) - With astronomers’ eyes (+ 3 year - 3.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.) - All information: events web page
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The new astronomy course!!
Basic and advanced astronomy courses. Booking from Septembre 11, 2013. booking web page - All information: courses web page.
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Magie in cielo e in terra 2013-14 - Merate
Our program of lessons for schools for Merate - 2013-14. More information on L’OAB per le scuole. Download in pdf format
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PhD - Insubria University (2013-2014)
Dead-line: September 30, 2013 - 12:00 a.m. - Read on Università Insubria
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OAB site of Milano closure
Closing days: August 15 and 16!!
For information about our guided visits: web page.
Asteroseismology for exoplanets
A reserachers team used asteroseismology to obtain the mass of an exoplanet around the star HD52265. Ennio Poretti, an astronomer of us, tells on MediaInaf
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SCS Italian School - edition 2013
Italian National School for Science, Comunication and Society (SCS) for young researchers and PhD students. Number of available fellowships: 10. Registration dead-line July 17, 2013. More information to web page
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ESO Astronomy Camp for Secondary School Students
Win a free winter trip to the Alps. The camp will take place from 26-31 December 2013 at the Astronomical Observatory of the Aosta Valley, located in Saint-Barthelemy, Nus, Italy. Several partners, including ESO, are providing for a total of, so far, five bursaries that will be awarded to the winning applicants. All the information here.
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OAB and the school
Premio per gli studenti del Liceo Agnesi di Merate con la ricerca in 3D sulla rotazione solare. Progetto in collaborazione con l’OAB nelle persone di Michele Bossi, Monica Sperandio e Luciano Mantegazza. Leggi la notizia su Merate online.
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Closure for Astronomical courses 2013
On-line all lessons. Go to the site L’universo in fiore.
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PhD Lectures
Marta Volenteri’s lectures for Insubria University PhD about Massive Black Holes and their host galaxies. Link for presentations.
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PAOLO is ready!
The Polarimeter Add-On for the LRS Optics is an optical polarimeter mounted at the INAF-TNG. Polarimetry is a powerful diagnostic tool to study astrophysical sources. Full story on Media Inaf.
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A chronograph returns to Observatory
Negli scorsi giorni è avvenuta la restituzione di un cronografo realizzato nelle prime decadi del ’900. Il cronografo era stato dato in prestito dal Prof. Zagar al Prof. Bruno Cottalasso nel 1970 circa, perchè lo usasse nel laboratorio di fisica della scuola nella quale insegnava a Genova. Ora il cronografo si trova nelle bacheche dell’ufficio del direttore a Brera. Si ringraziano: Ginevra Trinchieri, Agnese Mandrino, Mario Carpino, Roberta Donnarumma, Sandro Manara e Angelo Fiorenza. Per una storia dei cronografi a Brera si veda il lavoro del Prof. P. Broglia: Cronografi registratori all’OAB.
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ALMA Pinpoints Early Galaxies at Record Speed
A team of astronomers has used the new ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) telescope to pinpoint the locations of over 100 of the most fertile star-forming galaxies in the early Universe. . Read the ESO press release. Read also on Media Inaf.
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Planetary systems identikit
Firts results from GAPS - Global Architecture of Planetary Systems project. GAPS is an Italian project devoted to understanding the architectural properties of planetary systems. In the team our researchers Monica Rainer, Francesco Borsa and Ennio Poretti . Go to the Italian press release INAF.
You pass around me ...
MAXI J1659-152 is a binary system formed by a red dwarf and a solar mass black hole and it is the shortest orbital black hole transient ever seen. Among the astronomers who studied the system our astronomer Tomaso Belloni. Go to INAF press release.
What is universe? It’s a huge web
The largest project ever undertaken to map out the Universe in three dimensions using ESO telescopes has reached the halfway stage. An international team of astronomers - PI our astronomer Luigi Guzzo - has used the VIMOS instrument on the ESO Very Large Telescope to measure the distances to 55 000 galaxies as part of the VIPERS survey. Links: VIPERS press release - INAF press release - ESO press release - INAF video on youtube
Is it a surprise quasar?
A new particle can be the reason for an anomaluos emission from a quasar. Giacomo Bonnoli and Fabrizio Tavecchio among the astronomers who propose this new theory. Download the article in pdf format
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Sweeping the Dust from a Cosmic Lobster
A new image from ESO’s VISTA telescope captures a celestial landscape of glowing clouds of gas and tendrils of dust surrounding hot young stars ... By Anna Wolter for ESO. Go to the web page.
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Give a name to Pluto’s moons!
You can vote on-line until february 25! More information: Media Inaf
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The asteroid is here!
The small asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass within about 3.5 Earth radii of the Earth’s surface on February 15, 2013. More information: 02/02/2013 - 11/02/2013
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APOD’s 2013 calendar!
Download the 2013 APOD calendar containing some of the best APOD images of 2012! Go to the link APOD's 2013 calendar. The calendar is in pdf format (1,6 Mb).
INTEGRAL Picture Of the Month - January 2013
This month the Integral picture is dedicated to a new black hole transient found in a dense observing campaign leading by OAB (P.I. Tomaso Belloni). Read more on the Integral web page: Swift J174510.8-262: a new black-hole transient.
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Astronomy course: January 9 - Cancelled lesson!
For relator’s disease the lesson "Wave on wave: introduction to quantum mechanics" is cancelled. As soon as possible the new data.
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WISHES 2012!
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy new year!
X-ray mirror for astronomy X
È italiano il primo modulo europeo di ottiche per astronomia X interamente in vetro, realizzato presso i laboratori dell’INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera realizzato nell’ambito di un progetto dell’Agenzia Spaziale Europea. Leggi l’intera storia su Media Inaf