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December, 23 2015
Our best wishes

Merry Christmas
and Happy new year for 2016!
December, 23 2015
TNG Astronomical calendar and Hubble Christmas cards

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo calendar:TNG CalendarStar 2016 - Season’s greetings from Hubble:
December, 16 2015
ALMA Reveals Planetary Construction Sites - ESO press release

New evidence for young planets in discs around young stars ... Read all the story on ESO 1549
December, 16 2015
XXL Hunt for Galaxy Clusters - ESO press release

Observations from ESO telescopes provide crucial third dimension in probe of Universe’s dark side ... Read all the story on ESO 1548
December, 14 2015
I Cieli di Brera - conferences in Milano

December, 16 2015 - 6 p.m. Extraterrestrial life from science to science fiction from Copernico to Schiaparelli - Speaker: Pasquale Tucci - Milano University. All information on I Cieli di Brera 2015. Download the flyer in pdf format
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December, 09 2015
VLT Revisits a Curious Cosmic Collision - ESO press release

The spectacular aftermath of a 360 million year old cosmic collision is revealed in great detail in new images from ESO’s Very Large Telescope ... Read all the story on ESO 1547
Decmber, 09 2015
Lecco Planetarium - Conferences program 2015

Very interesting conferences - among speakers our astronomers Luigi Foschini, Paolo D&rsquo'Avanzo, Luca Perri, Elio Antonello e Stefano Covino. All info: Deep Space. Download flyer in pdf format
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November, 25 2015
Aging Star’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed - ESO press release

Giant star caught in the act of slimming down ... Read all the story on ESO 1546
November, 19 2015
Far Away in Time

A travel in the universe with light - Show from November 10 to December 9, 2015 - Natural History Museum - Milano All info: Lontano, lontano nel tempo
November, 25 2015
Happy birthday Relativity - MediaInaf

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s presentation of the complete "Theory of General Relativity" to the Prussian Academy ... Read all story on: MediaInaf
December, 02 2015
Astronomy courses 2015-16 - Milano - Universo in fiore

December 09, 2015 fifth lesson for advanced course - Boundaries at the edge of our solar system: new horizons for Plutone - Speaker: Anna Wolter. All info Universo in fiore
November, 30 2015
Astronomy courses

December 1, 2015 third lesson for basic course - Planet Earth - Speaker: Gianluca Lentini. All info Universo in fiore
November, 4 2015
ERC spotlight

Discover #ERC-funded research addressing some of the most important challanges in the field of Universe Sciences including the research project "Darklight" led by L. Guzzo here at the OAB-Merate. Project download: ERC science
November, 05 2015
The Birth of Monsters - ESO press release

ESO’s VISTA survey telescope pinpoints earliest giant galaxies ... Read all the story on ESO 1545
November, 23 2015
Astronomy courses

November, 4 fourth lesson for advanced course: 1915-2015: 1 hundred year for General Relativity - Speaker: Monica Colpi. All info Universo in fiore
November, 16 2015
Astrokids - last conference in Milano

November 22, 2015: conference: "What is light?" - time 11:30 a.m. c/o the bookshop Feltrinelli - address: Piazza Piemonte 2/4 - Milano. All info: Astrokids: travelling in the universe. Download the flyer in pdf format
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October, 30 2015
One thousand of GRB detected by Swift satellite - by MediaInaf

On October 27, 2015 Swift satellite detected GRB number one thousand. Swift is now eleven years old. Read on MediaInaf
November, 05 2015
First Observations from SEPIA - ESO press release

New APEX instrument for finding water in the Universe ... Read all the story on ESO 1543
September, 29 2015
AstroFIt2 - First call

Project and aims: AstroFIt2 – Astronomy Fellowships in Italy – supports the mobility of 18 researchers to INAF research structures in Italy for a period of 36 months - First call dead-line: November 18, 2015, at 12:00 noon (CET). All info: AstroFIt2.
November, 10 2015
Light in astronomy - November 9-16, 2015 - All OAB events

Program for events in Merate and Milano (INAF- Astronomical Observatory of Brera). Events on booking. All info: Light in astronomy 2015. Download the flyer in pdf format
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November, 11 2015
Astronomy courses

November, 17 second lesson for basic course: Solar system: origin and characteristics - Speaker: Mario Carpino. All info Universo in fiore
November, 10 2015
I Cieli di Brera - conferences in Milano

November, 11 2015 - 6 p.m. Extrasolar planets - Speaker: Isabella Pagano - INAF-OACatania. All information on I Cieli di Brera 2015. Download the flyer in pdf format
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November, 2 2015
Astronomy courses

November, 4 third lesson for advanced course: Man in space - Speaker: Stefano Sandrelli. All info Universo in fiore
November, 2 2015
Astronomy courses

November, 3 first lesson for basic course: Astronomy introduction - Speaker: Ilaria Arosio. All info Universo in fiore
September, 03 2015
Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disc - ESO press release

Unique structures spotted around nearby star ... Read all the story on ESO 1538
October, 06 2015
Astrokids - Sixth conference in Milano

October 25, 2015: EXPO event - conference: "Earth seen from space" - time 11:30 a.m. c/o the bookshop Feltrinelli - address: Piazza Piemonte 2/4 - Milano. All info: Astrokids: travelling in the universe. Download the flyer in pdf format
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September, 23 2015
A Cosmic Rose With Many Names - ESO press release

Messier 17 a star forming region with more names ... Read all the story on ESO 1537
September, 16 2015
A Shy Galactic Neighbour - ESO press release

The Sculptor Dwarf Galaxy story ... Read all on ESO 1536
September, 25-26 2015
Meet me Tonight

September, 25-26 2015 - The Milano edition for European Researchers' Night - All info: MEET me TONIGHT.
August, 03 2015
L’universo in fiore - 2015/16 astronomy courses

On-line the 2015/16 agenda for our astronomy courses in Milano. Web page: L’universo in fiore
September, 03 2015
Daytime and evening visits restart!

All info: Guided visits.
September, 04 2015
I Cieli di Brera - conferences in Milano

September 16, 2015 - 06:00 p.m. - EXPO2015 - Fourth conference: Cannibalism among stars - Speaker: Sandro Mereghetti - INAF-IASF Milano. All information on I Cieli di Brera 2015. Download the flyer in pdf format
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September, 03 2015
Cosmic Recycling - ESO press release

Dominating this image is part of the gigantic nebula Gum 56, illuminated by the hot bright young stars that were born within it. ... Read all the story on ESO 1535
July, 07 2015
Contemporary Brera

Since July 10, 2015 shows and events. Download press release in pdf format
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August, 19 2015
Sibling Stars - ESO press release

Open star clusters are not just perfect subjects for pretty pictures ... Read all the story on ESO 1534
August, 11 2015
The Ghost of a Dying Star - ESO press release

An extraordinary bubble, glowing like the ghost of a star in the darkness of space, may appear supernatural and mysterious, but it is a familiar astronomical object ... The story on ESO 1532
July, 30 2015
Gorilla for X-ray telescopes - by MediaInaf

Smartphone technology good for astronomy. Tell us our astronomer Bianca Salmaso. Read on MediaInaf
July, 30 2015
First Detection of Lithium from an Exploding Star - ESO press release

The chemical element lithium has been found for the first time in material ejected by a nova. The story on ESO 1531
July, 01 2015
Buried in the Heart of a Giant - ESO press release

A rich view of an array of colourful stars and gas. The story on ESO 1525
June, 26 2015
Giant Galaxy is Still Growing - ESO press release

Messier 87 has swallowed an entire galaxy in the last billion years. The story on ESO 1525
June, 18 2015
Best Observational Evidence of First Generation Stars in the Universe - ESO press release

VLT discovers CR7, the brightest distant galaxy, and signs of Population III stars. The story on ESO 1524
June, 17 2015
Stereotypes and images in information: still an open problem

July 1, 2015 - 2:30 - 6:30 p.m. c/o Milano National Museum of Science and Technology - Sala Cenacolo via San Vittore 21. Read on we page.
June, 15 2015
A possible macronova for a Gamma-Ray Burst

To describe GRB 060614 you need an unusual idea ... Our astronomer Stefano Covino in the scientists team.Read on Media Inaf.
June, 19 2015
Near Summer - Look at the sky!

June, 20 2015 - 10 p.m. you can observe the sky with our astronomers during Cernusco Lombardone sleepless night ! Read on Cernusco sleepless night. Download the flyer in pdf format
June, 12 2015
A Celestial Butterfly Emerges from its Dusty Cocoon

SPHERE reveals earliest stage of planetary nebula formation. Read on ESO Science Release.
June, 12 2015
Sharpest View Ever of Star Formation in the Distant Universe

ALMA’s observation of Einstein Ring reveals extraordinary detail. Read on ESO Science Release.
June, 08 2015 the new web site for educational resources

EDU.INAF.IT The new INAF web-platform for Educational astronomical resources. Go to the link
June, 08 2015
I Cieli di Brera - conferences in Milano

June 10, 2015 - 06:00 p.m. - EXPO2015 - Third conference: The Sun and the weather changes - Speaker: Ester Antonucci - INAF-OATorino. All information on I Cieli di Brera 2015. Download the flyer in pdf format
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May, 12 2015
EXPO2015 - FameLab...the winner Luca Perri!

The italian winner for FameLab is our astronomer Luca Perri. Read full story on Media Inaf. Video on Vedi il video su youtube.
May, 08 2015
EXPO2015 and OAB

All our events for EXPO2015!
May, 15 2015
Book launch - Science and language - Luigi Foschini

May, 28 2015 - 9 p.m. - Public Library of Merate - Our astronomer Luigi Foschini will present his book "Science and language" - Introduction of our astronomer Gian Antonio Guerrero. Download the flyer in pdf format
May, 18 2015
Pint of science

May 19, 2015 - 8:00 p.m. - bar oTTo, via Paolo Sarpi 8, Milano. Our astronomers Monica Colpi and Tomaso Belloni speak about research news. Read on Pint of science.
May, 15 2015
Astrokids - Fifth conference in Milano - EXPO2015! - Attention new data

May 17, 2015 instead of May, 10: Fifth conference: "Foods in space" - EXPO event - time 11:30 a.m. c/o the bookshop Feltrinelli - address: Piazza Piemonte 2/4 - Milano. All info: Astrokids: travelling in the universe. Download the flyer in pdf format
April, 20 2015
Cold cosmic mystery solved

A team of astronomers among which our Ben Granett may have found an explanation for the existence of the Cold Spot. Read on (italian link) Media Inaf. Read on (English link): Cold cosmic mystery solved.
April, 30 2015
The Pillars of Creation Revealed in 3D - ESO photo release

New study suggests that iconic structures more aptly named the Pillars of Destruction. Read on eso 1518en
April, 27 2015
Happy birthday HST! 25 years!

Hubble Space Telescope: our window to the Universe for 25 Years. Read on HST history
March, 10 2015
Astronomy courses

Lessons: 06/05 and 20/05 for advanced course. The most powerful explosions in the universe - Audio On-line for past lessons - All info Universo in fiore
March, 27 2015
Best View Yet of Dusty Cloud Passing Galactic Centre Black Hole - ESO press release

VLT observations confirm that G2 survived close approach and is a compact object. The story on ESO 1512en
April, 7 2015
About the discovery of Tau Bootis - Media Inaf

A new article about planetary systems in our galaxy - By a team of astronomers directed by Francesco Borsa (INAF-OAB). All story on Media Inaf
March, 02 2015
FAMELAB - Luca Perri performance!

See Luca performance on youtube. All info FAMELAB.
March, 24 2015
March 20, Solar eclipse - Video and images

A very success in Milano and in Merate!. Some images got in Merate: eclipse in Merate - The video in Milano by La Repubblica: Milano eclipse.
March, 23 2015
Colliding Stars Explain Enigmatic Seventeenth Century Explosion - ESO press release

APEX telescope observations help unravel mystery of Nova Vulpeculae 1670. The story on ESO 1511en
March, 10 2015
Astrokids - Third conference in Milano

March 22, 2015: Third conference: "What about solar eclipse" - time 11:30 a.m. c/o the bookshop Feltrinelli - address: Piazza Piemonte 2/4 - Milano. All info: Astrokids: travelling in the universe. Download the flyer in pdf format
March, 16 2015
March 20, Solar eclipse - Milano

March 20, 2015 Solar eclipse observation in Milano. No Reservation. All info Solar eclipse at OAB - Milano<
March, 16 2015
March 20, Solar eclipse - Merate

March 20, 2015 Solar eclipse observation in Merate. Reservation required. All info Solar eclipse at OAB - Merate
March, 11 2015
A Grand Extravaganza of New Stars - ESO press release

A dramatic landscape in the southern constellation of Ara (The Altar) is a treasure trove of celestial objects. The story on ESO 1510en
March, 11 2015
Mars: The Planet that Lost an Ocean’s Worth of Water - ESO press release

A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and covered a greater portion of the planet’s surface than the Atlantic Ocean does on Earth, according to new results published today. The story on ESO 1509en
March, 10 2015
Light from cosmo - 2015 IYL

Conference - March 12, 2015 - 3:00 p.m. - Arese (Mi) - Speaker: Stefano Sandrelli. All info: QuiArese
March, 03 2015
An Old-looking Galaxy in a Young Universe

ALMA and VLT probe surprisingly dusty and evolved galaxy. The story on ESO 1508en
March, 02 2015
Tacchini’s award

For P.h.D. students. Dead-line: March 15, 2015. Download in pdf format
February, 26 2015
An intermediate-mass black hole

An intriguing object has been found in one of the spiral arms of the galaxy NGC 2276. It appears to be an intermediate-mass black hole. Comment by Anna Wolter. Read on MediaInaf
February, 26 2015
Night sky and music - Conference with concert

February 27 - 21:00 - Abramo Raule (violin)_ - Monica Sperandio (speaker). 2015 - International Year of Light . An itinerary among music and scientific discovery for William Herschel (1738-1822). Download all info in pdf format. Download the flyer in pdf format
2015-03-01      icona per documenti pdf 
January, 29 2015
The Mouth of the Beast

VLT images cometary globule CG4. The story on ESO
February, 19 2015
The Strange Case of the Missing Dwarf

New SPHERE instrument shows its power. The story on ESO
February, 09 2015
Less lighting ... more stars!!

February 02, 2015 - Energetic economy day: a very simple experiment to see more stars!. All info to INAF dedicated page.
January, 28 2015
Is another Earth or another Sun? - News from MediaInaf

From the study of Solar System Kepler-444 a captivating theory ... with a comment of our astronomer Ennio Poretti. Read on MediaInaf
January, 20 2015
Ginapiero Tagliaferri our new Director on Merateonline!

Interview to our Director on merateonline. Read on:merateonline
January, 15 2015
Under the same sky? - Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

January 26, 2015 - 03:30 p.m. - The Race Laws and the Italian astronomers: Bologna - Aula della Specola via Zamboni 33 - Third floor. 27 January 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Download the flyer in pdf format
January, 15 2015
Giannini minister visiting Brera

January 14, 2015: Stefania Giannini, education minister during her visit to Brera, Observatory Milano site. Our Director, Gianpiero Tagliaferri, played along with minister. Go to MediaInaf video.
January, 07 2015
Italian astronomical olympic games - 2015

Pre-selection phase closed. More than 600 registrations for 2015 edition! All info: official site
December, 22 2014
Christmas: stop for guided visits in Milano

Stop for December 24 and 31 guided visits in Milano Next visit January 7, 2015!