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Crediti immagini: NASA, ESA, ESO, INAF.
Archivio: Curiosity
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April 2018
Hawking’s radiation
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
I saw Stephen Hawking for two times ...
Gabriele Ghisellini tells us about Hawking’s radiation ... ...

2018-05-01 icona per documenti web   
March 2018
Accretion pulsars and original tools
 - Tomaso Belloni
Tomaso belloni tells us about binary sistems in which you can find a pulsar with a stron magnetic field ...

2018-04-01 icona per documenti web   
February 2018
How big is the universe?
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Universe is very, very big ...
Read all story by Gabriele Ghisellini

2018-03-01 icona per documenti web   
January 2018
The shortest day of the year
 - Tomaso Belloni
Tomaso belloni tells us about the shortest day of the year ...

2018-02-01 icona per documenti web