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December 2019
Cosmic dust
 - Tomaso Belloni
Interstellar space is not empty but gas and interstellar dust are present. This is not good for astronomical observations...but which usefulness? Tomaso Belloni tells us about it

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November 2019
X-ray and straight backs
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Gabriele Ghisellini tells us X-Ray discovery
November, 8 1895 - Friday afternoon ...
Wilhelm Röntgen a physic, age 49 ...
but for him the best is yet to come ...

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October 2019
Fixed points
 - Tomaso Belloni
Fixed points in astronomy ... Tomaso Belloni talks about this problem

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September 2019
A black hole and a neutron star: dancing tango for the last time
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
On august 14th 2019 a ripple of gravitational waves reached Earth ... Gabriele Ghisellini talks about this event

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July 2019
A black hole first image second episode: is it a photo or isn’t?
 - Tomaso Belloni
Tomaso Belloni talks about a useless question: is it the first-ever picture of a black hole a photo?

2019-07-01 icona per documenti web   
June 2019
A black hole first image
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Scientists used a global network of telescopes to see and capture the first-ever picture of a black hole ... by Gabriele Ghisellini

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May 2019
Einstein’s spin
 - Tomaso Belloni
Like a spinning top: wobbling jets from a black hole that’s "feeding" on a companion star ... by Tomaso Belloni

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April 2019
X-ray Chimneys in the Milky Way
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Gabriele Ghisellini talks about the discovery of Gabriele Ponti ...

2019-04-01 icona per documenti web   
Febraury 2019
Ultima Thule
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Take a rifle and then try to shoot at a 1 cm^2 target... but at a distance of 2000 km... Not easy, is it? And, on top of that, the target is moving very fast ... by Gabriele Ghisellini

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January 2019
Comets and magnitudes
 - Tomaso Belloni
46P Wirtanen: why I didn’t see anything despite the news from media?... by Tomaso Belloni

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