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December 2020
Accelerating expansion of the universe
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Take a 100 Watt light bulb and follow me ... by Gabriele Ghisellini
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November 2020
Explosive shells
 - Tomaso Belloni
What about the matter that lands on a neutron star?... by Tomaso Belloni

2020-12-01 icona per documenti web   
October 2020
Is there life on Venus
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
On September 14 an international team of researchers announced the detection of phosphine gas lingering in layers of the planet’s atmosphere where temperatures and pressures are relatively balmy ... by Gabriele Ghisellini

2020-11-01 icona per documenti web   
September 2020
Of cabbages and kings
 - Tomaso Belloni
Not about astronomy but I want to speak about exponential and delaies, physics, Middle Ages army and current events - Tomaso Belloni

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July 2020
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
On July 13, 2019 the Russian-German SRG mission was successfully launched from Baikonur (Kazakistan). eROSITA is the primary instrument on-board ... by Gabriele Ghisellini

2020-09-01 icona per documenti web   
June 2020
How to drive a telescope
 - Tomaso Belloni
Telescope on earth have to be point towards the object you want to see ... What about a space telescope? by Tomaso Belloni

2020-07-01 icona per documenti web   
May 2020
Under Pisces
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
How many times have you read your horoscope? Do you believe it? by Gabriele Ghisellini

2020-06-01 icona per documenti web   
April 2020
Astronomy in the Coronavirus era
 - Tomaso Belloni
What changes in the Coronavirus era for astronomers? by Tomaso Belloni

2020-05-01 icona per documenti web   
March 2020
Earth space ship
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
Think about us stable on the Earth....for example in our bed... Are we really fixed? Not at all! Gabriele Ghisellini tells us about Earth’s movements ...

2020-04-01 icona per documenti web   
February 2020
Galactic Eruptions
 - Tomaso Belloni
Tomaso Belloni tells us about the X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from the black hole hosted by GSN 069 galaxy

2020-03-01 icona per documenti web   
January 2020
Dyson Spheres and Alien Civilizations
 - Gabriele Ghisellini
For the first curiosity of 2020 Gabriele Ghisellini tells us about Tabby star, Dyson spheres and alien civilizations

2020-02-01 icona per documenti web