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Prima Rete per la Sorveglianza sistematica di Meteore e Atmosfera

Crediti immagini: NASA, ESA, ESO, INAF.
Archivio: Congressi
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AGN13 BEAUTY and the BEAST - The 13th Italian meeting on Active Galactic Nuclei 2018-10-13 icona per documenti web   
Revisiting narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies and their place in the Universe - Intenational workshop 2018-04-14 icona per documenti web   
The ESPRESSO day (27th March 2018 - 14:00 Brera Cupola fiore - Milano) - Let’s illustrate the successfully faced technological challenge and the main stream research lines keeping an eye toward the future. 2018-03-28 icona per documenti web     icona per documenti pdf 
Dispersing elements for astronomy: New trend and possibilities - Intenational workshop 2017-10-12 icona per documenti web   
17th SIA Conference & International workshop - SIA2017 2017-09-08 icona per documenti web   
IAXO - The Search of Axions in the Universe 2016-04-20 icona per documenti web   
Mirzoyan Lectures - A cycle on Gamma-ray Astronomy with Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes and closely related technological issues. 2016-04-12 icona per documenti web   
SEAC2015 - Astronomy in Past and Present Cultures - Roma - La Sapienza University - November 9-15, 2015 2015-11-16 icona per documenti web   
Swift: 10 Years of Discovery - Swift 10 Years Celebration - Roma - La Sapienza University - December 2-5, 2014 2014-12-06 icona per documenti web   
Strutture cosmiche: dal Sistema Solare ai confini dell’Universo - LVIII Congresso SAIt - Milano - 13-16 maggio 2014 2014-05-17 icona per documenti web   
GAPS - Global Architecture of Planetary Systems (April 29-30, 2014) - 4th Progerss Meeting 2014-05-01 icona per documenti web   
Gamma Ray Burst/Supernovae/Magnetars (January 20-24, 2014) - THINKSHOP 2014-01-25 icona per documenti web   
The violent deaths of massive stars (November 19th-20th, 2013) - Lectures by Thomas Janka c/o Astronomical Observatory of Brera - Milano site 2013-11-21 icona per documenti web   
GEE 3 (November 12-13-14, 2013) - Galaxy Evolution and Environment 2013-11-15 icona per documenti web   
CNOC VIII (September 17-19, 2013) - Compact Object: VIII National Congress 2013-09-20 icona per documenti web   
X-Ray Binaries 13 (14-18 January 2013) - A "thinkshop" on the present and future of X-ray binaries studies - Bormio, Italy 2013-01-19 icona per documenti web   
Cold Fronts in Galaxy Clusters: sloshing through the Dolomites
(14-18 January 2013)
 - Sexten Center for Astrophysics (SCfA). Sesto Pusteria, Dolomites, Bolzano, Italy
2013-01-19 icona per documenti web   
Cosmological Measurements with Galaxy Clusters (08-09 October 2012) - Lectures by Alexey Vikhlinin 2012-10-10 icona per documenti web   
X-ray Astronomy: towards the next 50 years! (1-5 October, 2012) - Milano - 50th anniversary for X-ray Astronomy 2012-10-06 icona per documenti web   
Lampi su Napoli - III Congresso Nazionale GRB 2012 (20-22 Settembre 2012) - Napoli, Italy 2012-09-23 icona per documenti web   
IAU Symposium 290: Feeding Compact Objects: Accretion on All Scales (20-24 August 2012)  - Beijing, China - IAU General Assembly 2012 2012-08-25    
The Connection between Radio Properties and High-Energy Emission in AGN ( 23-24 August 2012) - Beijing, China - IAU General Assembly 2012 2012-08-25 icona per documenti web   
Seyfert Galaxies: known and unknown (14-22 July 2012) - Mysore, India - Cospar 2012 2012-07-23 icona per documenti web   
Beyond the Continuum: X-ray line spectroscopy of compact objects (14-22 July 2012) - Mysore, India - Cospar 2012 2012-07-23 icona per documenti web   
23 aprile 2012 - Riunione interna progetti OAB 2012-05-15 icona per documenti web   
Magic AGN Meeting 2012 (27-29 March) 2012-03-29 icona per documenti web   
Congresso Nazionale Oggetti Compatti (12-13 December 2011) - Hotel Baita dei Pini - Bormio (So) 2011-12-14 icona per documenti web   
SWIFT and the surprising sky (24-25 November 2011) - IASF Milano 2011-11-26 icona per documenti web   
GEE2 (7-8-9 November 2011) - Milano c/o Acquario Civico 2011-11-10 icona per documenti web   
Mera-TeV (4-6 ottobre 2011) 2011-10-31 icona per documenti web   
Mera-TeV - 
Incontro per neolaureati e dottorandi dedicato all’astrofisica TeV
Scarica la locandina in formato pdf (247 Kb) - Scarica il programma (153 Kb)
2011-10-07 icona per documenti web     icona per documenti pdf 
Timing and spectral methods for High-Energy Astrophysics  - Workshop for young researchers (from graduate students to early postdocs) 2011-06-02 icona per documenti web   
GRBs as probes: from the progenitor's environment to the high redshift Universe 2011-05-21 icona per documenti web   
Convegno su Ruggiero Boscovich - astronomo, uomo di scienza e di cultura a trecento anni dalla nascita 2011-05-19 icona per documenti web   
Bayesian methods for the physical sciences - Il corso sarà tenuto da Stefano Andreon 2011-05-10 icona per documenti web   
Active Galactic Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes - Lectures by Bradley Peterson 2011-04-09 icona per documenti web   
Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies and their place in the Universe - International Scientific Worshop 2011-04-07 icona per documenti web   
Bridging Electromagnetic Astrophysics and Cosmology with Gravitational Waves 2011-03-31 icona per documenti web   
New Hard X-Ray Mission Observatory - First International Conference 2010-11-13 icona per documenti web   
The first year of science with X-shooter - Workshop in memory of Roberto Pallavicini 2010-10-23 icona per documenti web   
Schiaparelli and his legacy - On the centenary of his death 2010-10-22 icona per documenti web   
H02 - Probing Strong Gravity with Gravitational and Electromagnetic Waves - Compact objects as laboratories for fundamental physics 2010-07-26 icona per documenti web   
E11 - Time Variability at High Energies: a Probe of AGN Physics (including VLBI)  - Flux, spectral and multiwavelength variability in Active Galactic Nuclei 2010-07-26 icona per documenti web   
Dall’eV al TeV: Tutti i colori dei GRB 2010-06-19 icona per documenti web   
Black Hole Variability 2010 - A series of lectures on variability and timing analysis funded by the ITN 215215 "Black Hole Universe" 2010-05-22 icona per documenti web   
Strong Gravitational Field and Ultra-dense Matter in Neutron Stars - The first of two Team Meetings to discuss the current status in order to set strategies for future space missions 2010-01-23    
VO-day - Organized by INAF-OATs in collaboration with INAF-SI ( and other INAF structures and Italian University. 2009-11-01      icona per documenti pdf 
The Shocking Universe - Gamma Ray Bursts and High Energy Shock phenomena in the Universe 2009-09-19 icona per documenti web   
Neutron Stars: Timing in Extreme Environments - IAU XXVII General Assembly - Joint Discussion #3 2009-08-05 icona per documenti web   
Accretion and ejection in AGN: a global view - Workshop jointly organized by INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera, Department of Physics and Mathematics of Insubria University 2009-06-26 icona per documenti web   
The Radio Loud/Quiet dichotomy in Elliptical Galaxies - Open/full day discussion organized by INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera & Department of Physics "G. Occhialini" - Milano Bicocca University 2009-06-06 icona per documenti web   
The coming of age of X-ray polarimetry 2009-05-01    
Material Property Measuraments for Cryogenic Instruments - OPTICON workshop - jointly organized by INAF, ESO, and UKATC 2008-12-08