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Seminar place selection: Tutti Pavia Dip. Fisica-Milano via Celoria Dip. Fisica-Milano Bicocca IASF Brera Merate

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Seminars Calendar Milan Area - Year 2018
January Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Monday, 15 11:30 IASF IASF Scientific Michael McDonald MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Galaxy Cluster Evolution over the Past 10 Billion Years  
 Tuesday, 30 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Gabriele Cremonese INAF- Padova BepiColombo: l'Europa esplora Mercurio  
February Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Thursday, 01 14:00 Merate POE Scientific Giovanni Morlino Gran Sasso Science Institute Balmer filaments from Supernova Remnants: unveiling the presence of Cosmic Rays  
 Friday, 09 15:00 Bicocca U2 - Aula 3020 Scientific Matteo Fossati MPE - Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics Environmentally driven suppression of star formation during the last 10 Gyr from MUSE and 3D-HST  
 Monday, 19 11:00 IASF - Scientific Gianfranco Brunetti INAF- IRA Bologna LOFAR : opening a new observational window at low radio frequencies  
 Tuesday, 20 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Stefano Vercellone INAF Brera Il Cherenkov Telescope Array: un Osservatorio sull'Universo estremo  
 Thursday, 22 14:00 Merate POE Scientific Paolo Musso Universita' dell'Insubria Il programma SETI tra leggenda e realta'  
 Tuesday, 27 14:00 Brera Cupola a Fiore Scientific Stelio Montebugnoli INAF Il progetto SETI  
March Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Thursday, 01 11:00 Merate Biblioteca Scientific Claudia Cicone INAF-OAB TBD  
 Tuesday, 06 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Valentina D'Odorico INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste TBD  
 Tuesday, 13 14:00 Brera Cupola a Fiore Scientific Manuela Molina INAF/IASF Bologna TBD  
Ultima modifica al database  Tuesday, 20 14:00 Brera Cupola a Fiore Scientific Veronica Strazzullo Ludwig Maximilians University -Faculty of Physics Environmental quenching in massive galaxy clusters at z~1.5  
 Wednesday, 21 11:00 Merate POE Scientific Lorenzo Pino Universita di Ginevra Combining low- to high-resolution transmission spectroscopy of hot Jupiters.  
 Tuesday, 27 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Francesco Pepe  &  Landoni - Riva - Genoni INAF Espresso Day  
April Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Tuesday, 17 14:00 Brera Cupola a Fiore Outreach Fabrizio Fiore INAF - ROMA Monte Porzio L'utilita' della scienza inutile  
 Wednesday, 18 11:00 Merate POE Merate Scientific Fabrizio Fiore INAF The science of HERMES: a constellation of nano-satellites for high energy astrophysics and fundamental physics