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Seminars Calendar Milan Area - Year 2012
January Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Wednesday, 11 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Andrea Lapi Uni-Roma2 Thermodynamics of the Intracluster Medium: The supermodel View  
 Tuesday, 17 11.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Stamerra Universita' di Siena The gamma-ray emission region in TeV blazars from MWL observations  
 Wednesday, 25 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Sergio Campana INAF-OAB A Christmas comet falling onto a neutron star  
February Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Wednesday, 01 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Danilo Marchesini Dep. of Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University, Medford The Universe at z=2-4: New Insights into Galaxy Formation and Evolution  
 Tuesday, 07 14.30 Merate POE Scientific S. Giodini Sterrewacht Leiden, Leiden University, Holland Galaxy groups: a window on the baryonic assembly of the universe  
 Wednesday, 08 14:00 Brera Cupula Fiore Scientific Sonia Tamburri INAF-OABr Seyfert's Sextet: where is the gas?  
 Thursday, 09 14.30 Merate POE Scientific RASMUS VOSS Radboud University Nijmegen NIJMEGEN, The Nederlands Populations of Low-Mass X-ray Binaries (LMXBs) and single-degenerate SNIa progenitors in galaxies  
 Friday, 10 11.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Gomboc Univeristy of Ljubiana Geodesics in Schwarzschild Spacetime and their Applications  
 Wednesday, 15 15.00 Merate POE Scientific C. Svetina Sincrotrone Trieste The Photon Transport system and diagnostic of FERMI@Elettra Free Electron Laser  
 Thursday, 16 15.00 Merate POE Scientific G. Morlino INAF-OA Arcetri Supenova remnants as cosmic ray factories: recent observations and new theoretical insights  
 Tuesday, 21 14.30 Merate POE Scientific D. Marchesini Dep. of Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University, Medford Massive Galaxies at z=2-4: new results from the NEWFIRM Medium-Band Survey  
 Wednesday, 29 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Massimo Dotti Universita' di Milano Bicocca Massive black hole spin evolution  
March Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Wednesday, 07 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Anand Raichoor INAF-OABrera Quenching in galaxy clusters during the last 10 Gyr: role of secular evolution, galaxy mass and environment.  
 Thursday, 15 11.00 Merate POE Scientific D. Gruber Max Planck Institute - Munich Highlights of Fermi/GBM results on Gamma Ray Bursts and Solar Flares  
 Friday, 16 14:00 Via Celoria aula caldirola Scientific Prof. Giuseppe Bono Universita' degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata Classical Cepheids as distance indicators, stellar tracers, and physics laboratories  
April Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Tuesday, 03 11.00 Merate POE Scientific C. Guidorzi Universita di Ferrara Average Power Density Spectrum of long GRBs in the Swift Era  
 Wednesday, 04 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Michele Fumagalli Univ. Calif. Santa Cruz Cosmology with absorption line systems  
 Tuesday, 10 10:30 Brera Sala Corridoio Strumenti Scientific Ben Granett INAF-OABr Corso di dottorato: Radiazione Cosmica di Fondo (4 lectures)  
 Thursday, 12 14:30 Brera Sala Corridoio Strumenti Scientific Alessandro Bressan SISSA Corso di dottorato: Evoluzione delle Galassie (4 lectures)  
 Friday, 13 14:30 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Francesco Haardt Uni. Insubria THE COSMIC UV/X-RAY BACKGROUND  
 Wednesday, 18 11:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Alvio Renzini INAF-OAPadova In and out the main sequence of star-forming galaxies at z~2  
 Thursday, 26 11.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Carbognani - A possible YORP effect on C and S Main Belt Asteroids  
May Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Thursday, 03 16:00 Via Celoria Aula Caldirola Scientific Dott. Elena Rossi Leiden Observatory (Netherlands) A common origin for hypervelocity and S-stars  
 Friday, 04 11:00 Brera Saletta corridoio Strumenti Scientific Elena Gallo Univ. of Michigan (USA) Powering black hole X-ray binary jets  
 Tuesday, 08 11.00 Merate POE Scientific P. Cassata OAMP Marseille The evolution of the Hubble Sequence over the past 10 Gyr  
 Thursday, 17 11.30 Merate POE Scientific M. Cappi INAF-IASF Bologna On the relevance of ultra-fast outflows (UFOs) in AGN  
 Monday, 21 11.30 Merate POE Scientific M.G. Bernardini INAF-OABrera A universal scaling for short and long Gamma Ray Bursts  
 Wednesday, 23 11:00 Brera Auletta Corridoio Strumenti Scientific Stefano Bianchi Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre AGN Obscuration and the Unified Model  
 Monday, 28 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific David Merritt Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA Relativistic Dynamics at the Centers of Galaxies  
June Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Thursday, 07 14.30 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific F. Borsa Universita' dell'Insubria PhD Seminar: 'Searching for atmospheric features of exoplanets: analysis of CoRoT multicolor photometry'  
 Thursday, 07 15.00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific G. Galanti Universita' dell'Insubria PhD Seminar: Young star cluster evolution and Axion-like particles from PKS 1222+216  
 Thursday, 07 15.30 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific M. Landoni Universita' dell'Insubria PhD Seminar: Optical spectroscopy of BL Lac objects and Hardware/Software Front End Design of the ESPRESSO@VLT High Resolution Echelle Spectrograph  
 Thursday, 07 16.00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific S. Rota Universita' dell'Insubria Power Spectrum Analysis of Galaxy Redshift Surveys  
 Thursday, 07 16.30 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific A. Sandrinelli Universita' dell'Insubria Blazar Multiband Photometry  
 Thursday, 07 17.00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific T. Sbarrato Universita' dell'Insubria High-redshift blazars & jet-disk connection  
 Thursday, 07 17:30 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific S. Tamburri Universita' dell'Insubria PhD seminar: Study of a sample of Early-Type galaxies at high redshift  
 Tuesday, 12 11.00 Merate POE Scientific B. Sbarufatti Penn State University Star's End: one year of Swift observations of SWIFT J164449.3+573451  
 Tuesday, 12 16.00 Merate POE Scientific Thomas Buchert CRAL, Observatoire de Lyon The Backreaction Conjecture to explain Dark Energy  
 Wednesday, 13 11:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Radek Wojtak Dark Cosmology Centre, Univ. of Copenhagen Gravitational redshift of galaxies in clusters  
 Tuesday, 19 11.00 Merate POE Scientific J. Peacock The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh Measuring and explaining dark energy  
 Wednesday, 20 14:00 Brera Aula Corridoio Strumenti Scientific Sotiria Fotopoulou IMPRS Munich Revisiting the Lockman Hole: photometry, redshifts and beyond.  
 Wednesday, 20 16:00 Merate POE Scientific Manolis Papastergis Cornell University, USA The galaxy-halo connection: insights from the ALFALFA survey  
 Tuesday, 26 16:00 Merate Biblioteca Scientific Andras Kovacs Univ. Budapest Cross-correlation of WISE Full data release with the Cosmic Microwave Background  
 Thursday, 28 15.00 Merate POE Scientific Sunil Chandra Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India Variability study in Blazars using Mt. Abu Infra-red Observatory (MIRO)  
July Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Friday, 13 11.00 Merate POE Scientific S. Mitra Harish-Chandra Research Institute Reionization constraints using principal component analysis  
 Friday, 13 14:00 IASF sala riunioni IV piano Scientific Letizia Cassara` IASF Milano The role of dust in models of population synthesis  
September Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Wednesday, 05 14:00 IASF Sala riunioni IV piano Scientific Paolo Cassata LAM, Marseille Evolution of the Hubble Sequence over the past 10 Gyr  
 Thursday, 06 11.00 Merate POE Scientific Daniele Malesani Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen The Optically Unbiased GRB Host (TOUGH) survey  
 Monday, 17 11.00 Merate POE Scientific Dan Milisavljevic CfA Cas A in 3D: A Blueprint for Type IIb Supernova Explosions  
 Friday, 28 11:00 Merate POE Scientific Sean Farrell Sydney Institute for Astronomy Bridging the Gap Between Stellar Mass and Supermassive Black Holes  
October Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Monday, 08 10:30 Brera Sala delle Adunanze Scientific Alexey Vikhlinin CfA Emergence of galaxy clusters from the growing large-scale structure in the universe. Their basic properties and sensitivity to the cosmological model.  
 Monday, 08 14:00 Brera Sala delle Adunanze Scientific Alexey Vikhlinin CfA Current status of observations and cosmological constraints from clusters.  
 Tuesday, 09 10:30 Brera Sala delle Adunanze Scientific Alexey Vikhlinin CfA Unsolved problems in the physical description of galaxy clusters and the path towards 'precision grade' cosmological measurements with future experiments.  
 Monday, 15 11.00 Merate Sala biblioteca Scientific V. Cotroneo Harvard-Smitsonian CfA Adjustable thin segmented X-ray mirrors for the SMART-X mission  
 Wednesday, 17 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Marcello Giroletti INAF-IRA Jets studies toward the "golden age" of radio astronomy  
 Wednesday, 24 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Vasiliki Petropoulou INAF-OABrera Chemical history of star-forming galaxies in nearby clusters  
 Tuesday, 30 14:00 IASF Sala riunioni IV piano Scientific Francesco Haardt Universita' dell'Insubria Limits on the high redshift growth of massive black holes  
November Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Wednesday, 07 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Simone Esposito INAF-OAArcetri Exoplanets, globular clusters, circumstellar disk and jets: osservazioni in modalita' adattiva ad Lbt.  
 Monday, 19 11.00 Merate POE Scientific E. Diolaiti INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna Il sitema ad MAORY (Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics) per E-ELT  
 Tuesday, 20 14.30 Merate POE Scientific B. Granett INAF-OABrera From alpha, delta to omega: measuring cosmology from a galaxy survey  
 Wednesday, 21 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Luigina Feretti INAF-IRA-Bo Clusters of galaxies: what is learned from radio observations  
 Thursday, 22 11.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Stamerra Universita di Siena VHE emission from extragalactic sources: open issues from MWL observations and prospects for CTA  
 Monday, 26 14:30 IASF Sala riunioni (IV piano) Scientific Dominique Eckert University of Geneva The properties of galaxy clusters at large radii from combined X-ray and Sunyaev-Zeldovich data  
 Tuesday, 27 11.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Hawken INAF-OABrera Non-Gaussianity in Photometric Redshift Surveys  
 Wednesday, 28 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Ivano Bertini Universita' di Pd I risultati scientifici dello strumento OSIRIS nei primi 8 anni di navigazione interplanetaria della missione ESA/Rosetta  
 Friday, 30 15.00 Merate POE Scientific M. Lyutikov Purdue Univ. Inverse Compton model of pulsar high energy emission  
 Friday, 30 16:00 IASF Sala riunioni IV piano Scientific Paolo Saracco INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera Assembling (the History of) Early-type Galaxies  
December Starting time Location + (Room/Chamber) Type Speaker Institute Title & abstract File
 Tuesday, 04 15.00 Merate POE Scientific A. Stamerra Universita di Siena Cosmic rays and fundamental Physics with CTA  
 Wednesday, 05 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Alberto Parola Uni-Insubria, Dip Sci & Tech. What buoyancy really is: Updating Archimedes' Principle  
 Wednesday, 12 14:00 Brera Cupola Fiore Scientific Fabrizio Tavecchio INAF-OAB Axion-like particles and emission of very high energy gamma rays in blazars