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  • January and February Newsletter from our editorial staff - For all info download the pdf    immagine icona documento pdf

  • Guided visits in Milano and Merate (LC) - Information: come to see us

  • February, 01 2023 - "The Brera Astronomical Observatory - A history spanning 250 years" - Online article of the ITALIA Foundation: Land of Beauty - STEAM Special Edition: Read the article

  • Observe the Neanderthal comet - Also called the &green comet", C/2022 E3 (Ztf) will come closest to our planet on February 1 - For the occasion, EduInaf organized a live broadcast on January 30 on Youtube - Read the article on MediaInaf: Green like a comet

The Brera Astronomical Observatory is a research center of excellence of the National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), global recognised with leading research in Milano and Merate sites.
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