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Library in Brera

Galileo Galilei, Sidereus Nuncius 1610

A modern library with more than 1000 modern astronomical and correlated fields books and an ancient library with more than 30000 books from XV century.
In addition to Newton and Copernico’s works you can find a copy of the first edition of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius and a very rarity like the Giovanni Regiomontano’s Epitome of Tolomeo’s Almagesto. This is a "incunabulum" year 1496 belonged to Michael Maestlin, who was Keplero’s tutor.
"Incunaboli", "cinquecentine" (XVI printed books) and "seicentine" (XVII printed books) are not present in our library on-line catalogue.

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Library Manager in Brera: Agnese Mandrino

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Library in Merate

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In Merate we have a modern library with more than 6000 astronomical and correlated fields books principally of XX and XXI century.

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Library Manager in Merate: Giannantonio Guerrero

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L’archivio storico

The image represent a map of planet Mars traced by Schiaparelli. The map is in the first scientific memory that was published after 1877 opposition. The maps was the most exhaustive ever published. Credits: OAB historical archive.

The OAB historical archive preserves observations books and diaries, calculations documents, pictures, notes, invitations, pass, travel reports. In addition more than fifteen thousand letters of astronomers like Laplace, Herschel, Secchi, but also Cesare Beccaria and Napoleone I. Valuable is Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli’s "Fondo" which contains the diaries with the planet Mars observations. These diaries have been digitalized with the help of Fondazione Cariplo.
The OAB role in the country is showed by archive documents: the realization of sundial of Milano Cathedral Dome, the draft of Lombardia Map (1786), calendars and ephemerides compilations, meteorological data sets, the collaboration with administrative and legal authorities.

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Archive Manager: Agnese Mandrino