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New Hard X-Ray Mission Observatory - First International Conference 2010-11-13 icona per documenti web   
The first year of science with X-shooter - Workshop in memory of Roberto Pallavicini 2010-10-23 icona per documenti web   
Schiaparelli and his legacy - On the centenary of his death 2010-10-22 icona per documenti web   
H02 - Probing Strong Gravity with Gravitational and Electromagnetic Waves - Compact objects as laboratories for fundamental physics 2010-07-26 icona per documenti web   
E11 - Time Variability at High Energies: a Probe of AGN Physics (including VLBI)  - Flux, spectral and multiwavelength variability in Active Galactic Nuclei 2010-07-26 icona per documenti web   
From eV to TeV: all the colors of GRBs 2010-06-19 icona per documenti web   
Black Hole Variability 2010 - A series of lectures on variability and timing analysis funded by the ITN 215215 "Black Hole Universe" 2010-05-22 icona per documenti web   
Strong Gravitational Field and Ultra-dense Matter in Neutron Stars - The first of two Team Meetings to discuss the current status in order to set strategies for future space missions 2010-01-23