Talks presented around the world

I ePESSTO meeting (Belfast, March 6, 2017) pdf

Scientific prospects for TNG meeting (Padova, March 3, 2017) pdf

CNOC9 - Congresso Nazionale Oggetti Compatti 9 (Roma, September 22-25, 2015) pdf

VIII PESSTO meeting (Cambridge, February 2-4, 2015) pdf

ePESSTO meeting (Roma, July 24, 2018) pdf

GW2018 - Planning ESO observations of future GW events (Garching, Jan. 31 - Feb. 1, 2018) pdf

CNOCX - Congresso Nazionale Oggetti Compatti X (Padova, December 12-15, 2017) pdf

GW170817 - Italian contribution to the dawn of multi-messenger astronomy (L’Aquila, 31 Nov - 1Dec, 2017) pdf

Progress on the SOXS transient chaser for the ESO-NTT (SPIE 2022) pdf

SOXS: the transient hunter (Trieste, 8-11 June 2022) pdf

The extragalactic explosive Universe (Garching, 16-19 September, 2019) pdf

Son of X-Shooter (SOXS) and the extrasolar planets (Geneva 15-20, September 2019) pdf

The La Silla Observatory - from the inauguration to the future (La Serena, 25-29 March 2019) link


Kuncarayakyi, H., et al. 2020, SPIE - Design and development of the SOXS calibration unit

---- 2018

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Aliverti, M., et al. 2018, SPIE - The mechanical design of SOXS for the NTT

Brucalassi, A., et al. 2018, SPIE - The Acquisition Camera system for SOXS at NTT

Capasso, G., et al. 2018, SPIE - SOXS control electronics design

Claudi, R., et al. 2018, SPIE - The Common Path of SOXS (Son of X-Shooter)

Cosentino, R., et al. 2018, SPIE - The VIS detector system of SOXS

Ricci, D., et al. 2018, SPIE - The SOXS instrument control software (INS) design

Vitali, F., et al. 2018, SPIE - The NIR spectrometer for SOXS

Zanmar Sanchez, R., et al. 2018, SPIE - Optical design of the SOXS spectrograph for ESO NTT

---- 2016

Schipani, P., et al. 2016, SPIE 9908E 41 - The new SOXS instrument for the ESO NTT