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Crediti immagini: NASA, ESA, ESO, INAF.
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Shows in dome - Merate
Personal expositions - Brera Astronomical Observatory - Merate - Go to page
2021-12-24 icona per documenti web   
I Cieli di Brera - 2019 - Go to 11th edition for "I cieli di Brera" - public conferences - Milano
The conferences series are organized by Brera Observatory in collaboration with Brera Pinacoteca and Institute of Science and Literature of Milano.
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2021 - Italian astronomical olympic games
Italian astronomical olympics are organized and supported by the ministry of school (MIUR, office 1) in collaboration with the Italian Astronomical Society and the National Institute of Astrophysics. Go to official site
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L’universo in fiore - 2020-2021 - ONLINE Astronomy courses
Online courses! BASIC course (September-December 2020) - ADVANCED course (January-March 2021). On our Youtube channel some testimonies.
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