Padova, as it could have been…

First SOXS science meeting… online November 2020

The first SOXS (internal) Science Meeting took place online on November 24-26, 2020.

After a first announcement of the meeting to be held in Padova in June 2020, we were forced to postpone it and in the end to have it online.

The link and all the presentations can be found at this link.

Despite these difficulties, the Science Working Groups started working in June 2020, providing in the end a summary of their internal work. We carried out a simplified exercise to estimate the amount of time needed to pursue our science objectives: after this preliminary work, we ended up with a time request twice the available time.

During these hard times, we continued to work on the instrument. We accumulated some delays due to delays in the procurement and to the limited capabilities to work in the labs of our institutes.

We had an online progress meeting in March 2020 and in September 2020, both online. We had also a brief progress meeting with ESO in September 2020.

Several pieces of hardware have been built and assembled and we are now going to report our results in a massive SPIE submission.