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Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli
Explorator of new worlds on the centenary of his death

-- Di pane e di stelle - historical show --


    • G.V. Schiaparelli explorator of new worlds on the centenary of his death - 15 september - 16 october 2010, from monday to saturday - 9:30 alle 13:00 - c/o Sala Maria Teresa at the Braidense National Library Via Brera, 28 - 20121 Milano.
      Free entrance
      icon 14 september 2010 - 18:30 show opening
      icon Free visits without reservation at 11:00 a.m. during the open days of "Giornate Europee del Patrimonio".

      arrow Download the opening invitation (pdf format - 648 Kb) --> invitation
      arrow Download the show press release (pdf format - 190 Kb) --> press release

      The show organised by INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera in collaboration with Braidense National Library is to celebrate and to remember Schiaparelli as scientist, politician and citizen of Milan.
      The show is made by documents preserved in the Historical Archive of the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Brera.
      The show is under the High Patronage of the Italian President and with the Patronage of the Senate of the Italian Republic.

      THe show is supervised by Agnese Mandrino & Anna Maria Lombardi.

      arrow To see a italian video-interview to Agnese Mandrino go to the link: