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Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (1793-1864) image  Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (Altona, 1793, April 15 - San Pietroburgo, 1864, November 23), was a famous German astronomer that spent all his professional life in the Imperial Russia.
He was first at the Observatory of the Tartu University in Estonia (now Dorpat) where in 1820 he became full professor and a young director of the observatory. Then he became the Director of the Imperial Pulkovo Observatory near St Petersburg.
He was a pioneer in the study of the visual double star systems, that he studied in an organic and systematic way with a precise and well detailed program.

He published the following catalogs:

Stellarum duplicium et multiplicium mensurae micrometricae (1837) - micrometric measurements of 2714 double stars from 1824 to 1837 (32 Mb)

Additamentum in F.G.W. Struve Mensuras Micrometricas Stellarum Duplicium (1840) (2,53 Mb)

Catalogue de 514 étoiles doubles et multiples decouvertes (1843) (129 Mb)
This catalog contains the double stars discovered by his son, Otto Struve.