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The OAB site in Merate has two guesthouses: one for the students and one for guest astronomers.
Since the the guesthouse apartments are in a residential building, students and guest astronomers have to rispect some regulations during their stay.
The two guesthouses are in the yard of the main residential building.

Students Guesthouse

The apartment has 4 rooms with 3 beds each, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.
Are allowed to use this guesthouse master degree students (until the degree) and Phd and fellows (for a maximum of 3 months).
For more informations ask to your OAB responsable.

Guesthouse for astronomers

The apartment has 3 rooms with 2 beds each, 1 shared bathroom, 1 single room with private bathroom and a kitchen.
All the persons who have to do a talk or who collaborate with the OAB can accomodate in this guesthouse.
For more informations ask to your OAB collaborator.