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Students may choose among different research branches.
Visiting both sites of the OAB for an informal meeting with both research staff and present students is highly recommended.

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In the OAB site in Merate there is a guesthouse for students with 4 rooms with 3 beds each, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Are allowed to use this guesthouse master degree students (until the degree) and Phd and fellows (for a maximum of 3 months).

The guesthouse for astronomers is an apartment with 3 rooms with 2 beds each, 1 shared bathroom, 1 single room with private bathroom and a kitchen. All the persons who have to do a talk or who collaborate with the OAB can accomodate in this guesthouse.

For more informations ask to your OAB responsible or collaborator.

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For avaliable thesis go to italian page:
Triennal and Master’s Thesis in observatory
PhD Thesis in observatory

Here you find the list of the research branches and the astronomer staff for each branch.
Clicking on the name of each researcher you’ll have the relative contacts (e-mail and phone number).


RSN 1 - Galaxies & Cosmology

Andreon Stefano
Caccianiga Alessandro
De Grandi Sabrina
Della Ceca Roberto
Delvecchio Ivan
Iovino Angela
Longhetti Marcella
Saracco Paolo
Severgnini Paola
Trinchieri Ginevra
Wolter Anna


RSN 4 - Relativistic Astrophysic & Particles

Belloni Tomaso
Bernardini Maria Grazia
Braito Valentina
Campana Sergio
Covino Stefano
D’Avanzo Paolo
Foschini Luigi
Ghirlanda Giancarlo
Ghisellini Gabriele
Melandri Andrea
Ponti Gabriele
Romano Patrizia
Tagliaferri Gianpiero
Tavecchio Fabrizio
Vercellone Stefano


RSN 2 - Stars, stellar populations & Interstellar Medium

Borsa Francesco
Poretti Ennio

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RSN 5 - Advanced Technologies & Instrumentation

Basso Stefano
Bianco Andrea
Civitani Marta
Ghigo Mauro
Millul Rachele
Moretti Alberto
Pariani Giorgio
Pareschi Giovanni
Riva Marco
Salmaso Bianca
Sironi Giorgia
Spiga Daniele
Zanutta Alessio

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Educational & Outreach - POE

Arosio Ilaria
Carpino Mario
Sandrelli Stefano
Sperandio Monica