Looking for accreting super-massive black holes during

the re-ionisation epoch

 A joint INAF Brera - Insubria Phd project


Reference persons @O.A.Brera: Alberto Moretti and Alessandro Caccianiga

Co-Supervisor @Insubria: Francesco Haardt





The study of the accreting super-massive black holes (SMBHs) population in the

first Gyr of the  Universe is a crucial topic in the context of the present-day

astrophysics and is part of the science goals of the most relevant projects of the

next decade (LSST, Euclid, SKA, WFIRST, Athena).


In our proposed PhD thesis, in particular, the student will be part of  the

LSST collaboration,  which is expected to provide a significant transformation

in this field, allowing for the first time statistical studies on the high redshift (z∼7)

QSO population, on a few-year time scale since now.



The phd student will have the possibility to partecipate to a 5-nights observing

run at the NTT ESO telescope (La Silla , Chile), scheduled for March 2018.



      The science topic  [2 pages]


      Description of the structure [italian]


      The LSST project  

Call for Insubria PhD XXXIII cycle
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