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Pre-doctoral Fellows
Name Telephone N. Email Contact
Aliverti Matteo SOXS +39-02-72320449 Merate
Barbalini Laura Resp. Sandrelli +39-02-72320353 Milano
Castagna Fabio Resp. Andreon Milano
Filippelli Gianluigi Resp. Sandrelli +39-02-72320352 Milano
Frustagli Giuseppe Resp. Poretti +39-02-72320424 Merate
Mantero Mariachiara Merate
Paiano Simona Resp. Zerbi Merate
Ph. D. Students
Name Telephone N. Email Contact
Belladitta Silvia Univ. Insubria +39-02-72320383 Milano
Cabona Lorenzo Univ. Insubria +39-02-72320463 Merate
Galli Paola Merate
Iovenitti Simone Milano Statale +39-02-72320468 Merate
 Milano Statale icona telefono +39-3397017363 Cellulare
Olivieri Marco Univ. Insubria +39-02-72320460 Merate
Ravasio Mery Univ. Mi-Bicocca +39-02-72320412 Merate
Salvaggio Chiara Univ. Mi-Bicocca +39-02-72320347 Milano
Spinelli Riccardo Univ. Insubria Merate
Toffano Mattia Univ. Insubria +39-02-72320412 Merate
Zanon Miraval Arianna Univ. Insubria +39-02-72320504 Merate
Post-doctoral Fellows
Name Telephone N. Email Contact
Anastasopoulou Konstantina Merate
Ascenzi Stefano +39-02-72320494 Merate
Cotroneo Vincenzo Resp. Ghigo +39-02-72320438 Merate
Genoni Matteo +39-02-72320477 Merate
Righi Chiara Magic - Resp. Tavecchio +39-02-72320463 Merate
Salafia Om Sharan Figaro - Resp. Ghirlanda +39-02-72320494 Merate
Sbarrato Tullia Merate
Serafinelli Roberto +39-02-72320345 Milano