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Nowdays the circulation of scientific culture is very important.
In 1999 our Observatory was on of the first Italian Research institutes to supply with specialized and professional people in order to communicate the scientific knowledge.

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The Public Outreach & Education Office POE is dedicated to communication of scientific knowledge.
POE office opens the Institute doors to schools by organizing visits to research structures and multimedia conferences; POE then organizes educational laboratories and multi-fields shows also with the help of teachers and specialists.

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In Merate we have a multimedia room with a capacity of 50 seats for public lectures, press conferences, conferences and didactic laboratories; two professional telescopes (Ruths and Zeiss, respectively of 134 cm and 100 cm diameter) which are used for nighttime observations open to the public and to the schools.

The Observatory takes part in the most important National and International events (Genoa Science Festival, Perugia Science Festival, Naples Futuro Remoto Festival) with creative and vanguard proposals and actively partecipates to science communication research.
These activities are supported by grants from ESA, NASA, MIUR, ASI and Fondazione Cariplo.


Monica Sperandio: tel. - e-mail

POE Room - The Observatory conference hall in Merate
The Observatory conference hall in Merate.


Ilaria Arosio: tel. - e-mail
Laura Barbalini: tel. - e-mail
Stefano Sandrelli: tel. - e-mail

Cupola Fiore - The Observatory conference hall in Milan
Cupola Fiore - The Observatory conference hall in Milan.