X-ray Binaries 13

The main motivation of the meeting is to consider future directions and key problems for the study of X-ray binaries.

In the last few years new sources have been found and key measurements made but the field increasingly competes with others (e.g. exoplanets) for headlines and new students.

In this thinkshopwe aim to focus on current X-ray binary studies and to put forward new ideas, new instruments and highlight new milestones of understanding for the next 5-10 years.

The thinkshop will be an invitation-only meeting.

The structure of the thinkshop will be based on comprehensive invited reviews in the morning session and extensive guided discussions in the afternoon session, with discussions in between on the ski slopes or SPA.

We selected five broad topics:

- Evolutionary link between LMXBs and MSPs

  1. - Disk-jet connection and bright LMXBs

  2. - Population of BHs (in binary vs. isolated) in the Galaxy and globular clusters

  3. - Quiescent emission in neutron star and black hole transients

  4. - Disk instability model for transients