The main motivation of the meeting is to open discussion among different research fields interested in multi-band transients and relative counterparts.

In the past years the availability of several wide-field high-energy and optical sensitive monitors clearly showed how transient phenomena are almost ubiquitous in different astrophysical research areas. This prompted the construction of large collaborations and dedicated instruments aimed at unveiling the nature of the transient sky. In this ‘thinkshop’ we aim to bring together different communities working on transients from a theoretical, observational or instrumental point of view, in order to share new ideas and highlight new milestones of understanding and planning for the next 5-10 years.

The thinkshop will be an invitation-only meeting.

The structure of the thinkshop will be based on comprehensive invited reviews in the morning session and extensive guided discussions in the afternoon session, with discussions in between on the ski slopes or SPA.