WEB Page of Alberto Moretti.       



My activity is divided into a more scientific part and a more technological part.

- My recent scientific papers:


·        Direct observation of an extended X-ray jet at z = 6.1

·       Minute-timescale Variability in the X-ray Emission of the Highest Redshift Blazar

·       The first blazar observed at z>6.

·       X-ray properties of z > 4 blazars.

·       Why are some galaxy clusters underluminous?  

·       The space density of z > 4 blazars.


- My recent technological papers:


·       The VERT-X calibration facility: development of the most critical parts


·        VERT-X: VERTical X-ray raster-scan facility for ATHENA calibration. The concept design.




- All my papers from ADS here



- Nature highlight (2014)


- New Scientist interview (2020)


- Le Scienze highlight (2020)



- OAB Thesis page

(pay attention to the ATHENA technological thesis!)