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1 2006ASPC..349..397R
1.00004/2006A      E                          T                                  U      
Rainer, M.; Mantegazza, L.
Search for Differential Rotation in the A- and F-type Stars of the GAUDI Database

2 2006ASPC..349..319R
1.00004/2006A      E                          T                                  U      
Rainer, M.; Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.
An Activity Index for the FEROS Spectra

3 2006A&A...445L..15A
1.00001/2006A      E  F      X          D          R          S              U      
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Rainer, M.; Miglio, A.
Probable nonradial g-mode pulsation in early A-type stars

4 2006A&A...445..901A
1.00001/2006A      E  F                  D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fossati, L.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Gieren, W.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies. VII. P-L relation in the BVRI bands of Cepheids in IC 1613

5 2006MmSAI..77..259A
1.00000/2006A          F                              R                          U      
Antonello, E.; Fossati, L.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Gieren, W.
The P-L relation in the BVRI bands for Cepheids in IC 1613 .

6 2005yCat..34450901A
1.00011/2005A                              D                                  O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fossati, L.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Gieren, W.
BV(RI)c bands of Cepheids in IC 1613 (Antonello+, 2006)

7 2005CoAst.146...37M
1.00006/2005A                                                                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Projected rotational velocities of some Delta Scuti and Gamma Doradus stars

8 2005CoAst.146...33M
1.00006/2005A                                                                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
High-degree non-radial modes in the Delta Scuti star AV Ceti

9 2005AJ....129.2461P
1.00005/2005A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S              U      
Poretti, E.; Alonso, R.; Amado, P. J.; Belmonte, J. A.; Garrido, R.; Martín-Ruiz, S.; Uytterhoeven, K.; Catala, C.; Lebreton, Y.; Michel, E.; and 8 coauthors
Preparing the COROT Space Mission: New Variable Stars in the Galactic Anticenter Direction

10 2005AJ....129..547S
1.00001/2005A      E  F      X          D          R  C                      U      
Solano, E.; Catala, C.; Garrido, R.; Poretti, E.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Gutiérrez, R.; González, R.; Mantegazza, L.; Neiner, C.; Fremat, Y.; and 27 coauthors
GAUDI: A Preparatory Archive for the COROT Mission

11 2004A&A...415..299M
1.00002/2004A      E  F                  D          R          S              U      
Mantegazza, L.
Instabilities in the excitation of non-radial pulsation modes in the δ Scuti star BV Circini

12 2004MmSAI..75..122F
1.00000/2004A          F                              R          S              U      
Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.
SV 39: a strange variable star in the field of the Local Group galaxy IC 1613

13 2003A&A...406..203P
1.00007/2003A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S              U  H  
Poretti, E.; Garrido, R.; Amado, P. J.; Uytterhoeven, K.; Handler, G.; Alonso, R.; Martín, S.; Aerts, C.; Catala, C.; Goupil, M. J.; and 17 coauthors
Preparing the COROT space mission: Incidence and characterisation of pulsation in the lower instability strip

14 2003MmSAI..74..856A
1.00000/2003A          F                      T      R          S              U      
Antonello, E.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Stefanon, M.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies

15 2002SPIE.4836..369A
1.00012/2002A      E                          T                                  U      
Antonello, Elio; Stefanon, Mauro; Fugazza, Dino; Mantegazza, Luciano; Gieren, Wolfgang
Detection and study of variable sources with wide field imagers

16 2002A&A...396..911M
1.00012/2002A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S              U  H  
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Line profile variations in the delta Scuti star FG Virginis: A high number of axisymmetric modes

17 2002A&A...388..861M
1.00006/2002A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Covino, S.; Israel, G. L.
V39: An unusual object in the field of IC 1613

18 2002A&A...388..477A
1.00006/2002A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S  N          U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies. VI. Frequency-period distribution of Cepheids in IC 1613 and other galaxies of the Local Group

19 2002yCat..33850793A
1.00005/2002A                              D                                  O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.
Cepheids in Magellanic Clouds. II. (Antonello+, 2002)

20 2002A&A...386..860A
1.00005/2002A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Stefanon, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies. V. Search for Cepheids in field A of NGC 6822

21 2002IBVS.5254....1A
1.00004/2002A      E                                  R  C      S              U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Stefanon, M.
Variable stars in Field A of NGC 6822

22 2002A&A...385..793A
1.00004/2002A      E  F                  D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.
Search for second overtone mode Cepheids in Magellanic Clouds. II. Characteristics of second overtone mode pulsations

23 2002ASPC..256..231P
1.00002/2002A                                  T      R                          U      
Poretti, Ennio; Mantegazza, Luciano
COROT/MONS ground-support observations for typing pulsation modes of delta Scuti stars

24 2001yCat..33630029A
1.00007/2001A                              D                                  O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in IC 1613 (Antonello+, 2000)

25 2001A&A...367..759M
1.00003/2001A      E  F                  D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies IV. Fields C and D of IC 1613

26 2001A&A...366..547M
1.00002/2001A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of delta Scuti stars. V. The high-degree modes in the pulsational content of BV Circini

27 2000yCat..33670759M
1.00011/2000A                              D                                  O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in IC 1613 (Mantegazza+, 2001)

28 2000A&A...363...29A
1.00011/2000A      E  F  G              D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies. III. White light observations of Field B of IC 1613

29 2000SPIE.4008..167P
1.00008/2000A                                  T          C                      U      
Pallavicini, Roberto; Pasquini, Luca; Delabre, Bernard; Hubin, Norbert N.; Conconi, Paolo; Mantegazza, L.; Mazzoleni, R.; Molinari, Emilio; Zerbi, Filippo M.; Molaro, Paolo P.; and 15 coauthors
Design study of an adaptive optics visual echelle spectrograph and imager for the VLT

30 2000IBVS.4942....1F
1.00008/2000A      E  F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.
The false nova 1999 in the nearby galaxy IC 1613

31 2000A&A...356L..37A
1.00004/2000A      E  F  G              D          R  C      S              U      
Antonello, E.; Fugazza, D.; Mantegazza, L.
Metallicity effects on the light curve shape of Cepheids with period close to 10 days

32 2000A&A...354..112M
1.00002/2000A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Zerbi, F. M.; Sacchi, A.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of delta Scuti stars. IV. An improved picture of the pulsational behaviour of X Caeli

1.00000/2000                                    T                                          
Mantegazza, L.
Asteroseismology of δ Scuti stars

34 2000ASPC..210..138M
1.00000/2000            F  G                  T      R  C                      U      
Mantegazza, L.
Mode Detection from Line-Profile Variations

35 2000ASPC..203..463M
1.00000/2000A          F  G                  T      R                          U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Nuñez, N. S.; Sacchi, A.; Zerbi, F. M.
New Progress in Mode Detection and Identification in Delta Scuti Stars by the Analysis of Line Profile Variations

36 2000ASPC..203..157A
1.00000/2000A          F  G                  T      R                          U      
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Cepheids in the Nearby Galaxy IC 1613

37 1999A&A...350..797A
1.00010/1999A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies. II. Population I and II Cepheids in Field A of IC 1613

38 1999A&A...349...55A
1.00009/1999A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Fugazza, D.; Bossi, M.; Covino, S.
Variable stars in nearby galaxies I. Search for Cepheids in field A of IC 1613

39 1999A&A...348L...9S
1.00008/1999A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S              U      
Sánchez-Fernández, C.; Castro-Tirado, A. J.; Duerbeck, H. W.; Mantegazza, L.; Beckmann, V.; Burwitz, V.; Vanzi, L.; Bianchini, A.; della Valle, M.; Piemonte, A.; and 4 coauthors
Optical observations of the black hole candidate XTE J1550-564 during the September/October 1998 outburst

40 1999A&A...348..139M
1.00008/1999A      E  F  G              D          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Line profile analysis of the delta Scuti star HD 2724 = BB Phe: mode identification and amplitude variations

41 1999ASPC..159..137M
1.00000/1999A          F  G                  T                                  U      
Mantegazza, Luciano; Treves, A.
Fast Optical Photometry of the BL Lac Object PKS 2155-304

42 1998A&AS..133....7N
1.00011/1998A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Niarchos, P. G.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Manimanis, V.
YY Canis Minoris: Contact or near contact system?

43 1998A&AS..132...39M
1.00010/1998A      E  F                  D          R  C      S  N      O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.
Search for second overtone mode Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds. I. Study of three candidates in the Small Magellanic Cloud

44 1998A&A...336..518B
1.00008/1998A      E  F  G  X          D          R  C      S          O  U      
Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Nunez, N. S.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of delta Scuti stars. III. Mode identifications and physical calibrations in HD 2724

45 1998PASP..110..804Z
1.00007/1998A      E  F      X          D          R  C      S              U      
Zerbi, F. M.; Mantegazza, L.; Campana, S.; Antonello, E.
Search for Low-Instability Strip Variables in the Young Open Cluster NGC 2516

46 1998yCat..41330007N
1.00005/1998A                              D                                  O  U      
Niarchos, P. G.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Manimanis, V.
V photometry of YY CMi (Niarchos+ 1998)

47 1998psrd.conf..143P
1.00000/1998                                    T                                          
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Bossi, M.; Zerbi, F.
The Pulsational Behaviour of δ SCT and γ DOR Stars

48 1998IAUS..185..387P
1.00000/1998A          F  G                  T      R                          U      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Zerbi, F.
Line profile variations in the spectra of the gamma DOR Star HR 2740

49 1998HiA....11..567A
1.00000/1998                                    T                                          
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Luminosity of δ Scuti Stars After HIPPARCOS Satellite

50 1998ASPC..135..192M
1.00000/1998A          F  G                  T      R  C                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Nunez, N. S.; Zerbi, F. M.
Photometry and Spectroscopy As a Synergistic Approach to Sound the Interiors of delta Scuti Stars

51 1997A&A...327..240A
1.00011/1997A      E  F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.
Luminosity and related parameters of δ Scuti stars from HIPPARCOS parallaxes. General properties of luminosity.

52 1997A&A...323..844M
1.00007/1997A      E  F  G              D          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.
High azimuthal number pulsation modes in fast rotating δ Scuti stars: the case of HD 101158 = V837 Cen.

53 1997vsar.conf..435M
1.00000/1997                                    T                                  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.
Light Curves of Cepheids in Nearby Galaxies.

54 1997jena.confE.238N
1.00000/1997A                                  T                                  U      
Niarchos, P. G.; Mantegazza, L.; Porett, E.; Manimanis, V.
A photometric study of the eclipsing system YY CMi

55 1997IAUJD..24E..17M
1.00000/1997A                                                                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Zerbi, F.
Delta SCT Stars as Asteroseismology Targets

56 1997IAUJD..14E..37A
Antonello, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The Luminosity of delta Scuti Stars after the HIPPARCOS Satellite

57 1996RMxAC...4..106N
1.00011/1996                G                  T                  S                      
Nunez, N. S.; Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The Complex Pulsational Pattern of the delta-SCUTI Star HD 2724

58 1996A&A...315..542A
1.00011/1996A          F  G              D          R  C      S  N          U      
Arellano Ferro, A.; Mantegazza, L.
A uvbyβ photometric calibration of iron abundances in supergiant stars.

59 1996A&A...315..481M
1.00011/1996A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.
BS Lyrae: a double mode Mira star with a dominant first overtone mode.

60 1996A&A...312..912P
1.00008/1996A          F  G              D          R  C      S              U      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Bossi, M.
The stability of the frequency content in the light curves of the δ Scuti stars HD16439=V663 Cassiopeiae, AZ Canis Minoris, HD 223480=BF Phoenicis.

61 1996A&A...312..855M
1.00008/1996A          F  G              D          R  C      S          O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of δ Scuti stars. II. X Caeli: a star with unusual spectral features.

62 1996A&A...308..847M
1.00004/1996A          F  G              D          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.
BH Piscium=HD 224639: a δ Scuti star with a rich pulsation spectrum and changing mode amplitudes.

63 1995DSSN....9R...5M
1.00009/1995A      E                                                                      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.
BH Psc=HD 224639: A Delta Scuti star with a rich pulsation spectrum and changing mode amplitudes

64 1995DSSN....9Q...5M
1.00009/1995A      E                                                                      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Pulsational behaviour of the Delta Scuti star X Caeli

65 1995DSSN....9....6P
1.00009/1995A      E                                                                      
Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Nunez, N.
The stability of the frequency content of Delta Scuti stars: HD 16439, AZ CMi, HD 223480

66 1995DSSN....9....4B
1.00009/1995A      E                                                                      
Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Nunez, N.; Poretti, E.
Pulsational characteristics of the Delta Scuti star HD 2724

67 1995A&A...299..427M
1.00007/1995A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
The complex photometric behaviour of the δ Scuti star HD 224639.

68 1995A&A...294..190M
1.00002/1995A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
HD 96008: an ellipsoidal variable star, not an unusual F-type variable.

69 1995DSSN....8...13M
1.00001/1995A      E                                                              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The cause of variablilty of HD 96008

70 1995IAUS..164..366A
1.00000/1995            F  G                  T                                  U      
Arellano Ferro, A.; Parrao, L.; Mantegazza, L.
Supergiant Stars as Tracers of Galactic Chemical Composition

71 1995ASPC...83..377P
1.00000/1995            F  G                  T                                  U      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Antonello, E.
Star:Insights from Accurate CCD Light Curves of Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud

72 1995ASPC...83..339M
1.00000/1995            F  G                  T          C                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.; Zerbi, F. M.
Simultaneous Photometric and Spectroscopic Observations of the unusual Variable F-type stars HD 224638 and HD 224945

73 1995ASPC...83..337M
1.00000/1995            F  G                  T          C                              
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Insights into the Pulsational Behaviour of 6 SCT Stars

74 1994MNRAS.270..439M
1.00009/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
Unusual Variability among Early F-Type Stars - HD224638 and HD224945

75 1994RMxAA..29..158B
1.00007/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S                      
Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Re, R.
Spectroscopy and photometry as a synergetic approach to the study of stellar pulsations.

76 1994A&A...287...95M
1.00007/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S          O  U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of Delta Scuti stars. 1: Mode typing of HD 106384 defined as FG Virginis

77 1994DSSN....7R...4M
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
HD 224638 and HD 224945: two new unusual variables among early F-type stars

78 1994DSSN....7Q...4M
1.00003/1994A                                                                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Bossi, M.
Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of FG VIR

79 1994AJ....107..513B
1.00002/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Buzzoni, A.; Mantegazza, L.; Gariboldi, G.
Metal enrichment in elliptical galaxies and globular clusters through the study of iron and H-Beta spectral indices

80 1994A&A...281...66M
1.00001/1994A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The delta Scuti star BI Canis Minoris (identically equals HD 66853): Pulsational behavior and a critical discussion of physical parameter determination

81 1994MmSAI..65..831Z
1.00000/1994            F  G                                      S              U      
Zerbi, F.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Unusual Photospheric Activity in Stars of Spectral Type FO-F5

82 1994MmSAI..65..803M
1.00000/1994            F  G                              C      S              U      
Malagnini, M. L.; Morossi, C.; Buzzoni, A.; Mantegazza, L.
Metallicity Calibration for Super-Solar Stars

83 1994MmSAI..65..787P
1.00000/1994            F  G                                      S                      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Riboni, E.
Insight into the Pulsational Behaviour of δ Scuti Stars

84 1993A&A...274..811M
1.00007/1993A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Pulsational Behaviours of the Delta-Scuti Stars HD18878 and HD19279

85 1993DSSN....6R...4M
1.00005/1993A                                                                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The Delta Scuti star BI CMi (=HD 66853): pulsational behaviour and a critical discussion of physical parameter determination

86 1993DSSN....6Q...4M
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Pulsational behaviours of the Delta Scuti stars HD 18878 and HD 19279

87 1993DSSN....6....3B
1.00005/1993A                                                                      U      
Bossi, M.; Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Simultaneous photometric and spectroscopic observations of FG VIR ( = HD 106384)

88 1993ASPC...40..733M
1.00001/1993            F  G                  T          C                              
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.; Riboni, E.
Methodological aspects in the frequency analysis of multiperiodic δ Scuti stars

89 1993ASPC...40..651M
1.00001/1993            F  G                  T          C                      U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.; Zerbi, F.
Photospheric activity among early F-type stars

90 1993npsp.conf..377A
Antonello, E.; Fossati, S.; Mantegazza, L.
Spectrophotometric Determination of Effective Temperatures for Six Short-Period Cepheids

91 1993npsp.conf..370M
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
First Overtone Pulsators Among Cepheids

92 1993npsp.conf..149M
1.00000/1993                                                C                              
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Zerbi, F. M.
Frequency Analysis of Multiperiodic Beta Scuti Stars

93 1992A&A...265..527M
1.00011/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S  N          U      
Mantegazza, L.
Luminosities of yellow supergiants from near-infrared spectra - Calibration through Magellanic Cloud stars

94 1992IBVS.3774....1P
1.00009/1992        E  F  G                          R          S                      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.
The Period of the S-Cepheid Variable V950 Sco

95 1992A&A...261..137M
1.00007/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
The Fourier decomposition as a mode discriminator - New first overtone pulsators among Cepheids with P less than 5.5 D

96 1992AJ....103.1814B
1.00006/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S  N          U      
Buzzoni, Alberto; Gariboldi, Giorgio; Mantegazza, Luciano
The magnesium Mg2 index as an indicator of metallicity in elliptical galaxies

97 1992A&A...256..459M
1.00003/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.; Antonello, E.; Bossi, M.
Photospheric activity of HD 220140, the optical counterpart of the X-ray source H 2311+77

98 1992A&A...256..113P
1.00003/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Poretti, E.; Mantegazza, L.; Riboni, E.
The solution of the light curve of 44 Tauri - Insights into the pulsational behaviour of Delta Scuti stars

99 1992A&A...255..153M
1.00002/1992A          F  G                          R  C      S              U      
Mantegazza, L.; Poretti, E.
Pulsational behaviour of the Delta Scuti star X Caeli

100 1992IBVS.3694....1K
1.00001/1992        E  F  G                              C      S              U      
Kohoutek, L.; Mantegazza, L.; Hainaut, O.
Further Observations of Light-Changes of the Central Star of Planetary Nebula NGC 2346 at the Beginning of 1991

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