Invited talks  (last update: 21 October 2016)

[61a]  The blazar sequence 2.0
           G. Ghisellini
           2016, invited review at the meeting:  "Blazars through sharp multiwavelengths eyes" (Malaga, June 2016),
           Galaxies, 4, 36

[60a]  Swift for blazars
           G. Ghisellini
           2015, invited review at the meeting:  "Swift: Ten years of discovery" (Rome, December 2014),
           Journal of High Energy Astrophysics, 7, 163

[59a]  Jets, black holes and disks in blazars
           G. Ghisellini
           2013, invited review at the meeting:  The innermost regions of relativistic jets and their magnetic field (Granada, June 2013),
          EPJ Web Conferences, 2013, 61, 05001

[58a]  High redshift blazars
           G. Ghisellini
           2013, in: X-ray Astronomy: towards the next 50 years (Milan, 1-5 October 2012), MSAiT, 84, 719

[57a]  Jetted Active Galactic Nuclei
           G. Ghisellini
           2012, invited talk at the HEPRO III meeting:  High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (Barcelona, June 2011),
           Int. Journ. of Modern Physics, Vol. 8, p. 1. Editors: J.M. Paredes, M. Ribo, F.A. Aharonian and G.E. Romero

[56a] Powerful extragalactic jets

          G. Ghisellini
          2011, invited talk at the INTEGRAL meeting: "The Extreme and Variable High Energy Sky (Chia Laguna, Sept. 2011).
          Published by POSS/SISSA

[55a]  Extragalactic relativistic jets
          G. Ghisellini 
          2011, invited plenary talk at the Texas symposium, Heidelberg, December 2010, AIP Conference Proceedings,
          Volume 1381, pp. 180

[54a]  Gamma Ray Bursts: basic facts and ideas
          Ghisellini G.
          2011, in: IAU Symp 275, Jets at all scales, eds. G.E. Romero
, R.A. Sunyaev, T. Belloni,
          Intern. Astron. Union, IAU Symp. Vol. 275, p. 335-343

The jet/disk connection in blazars
          Ghisellini G.
          2010, in: Plasmas in the Laboratory and in the  Universe: interactions, patterns and turbulence,
          AIP, 1242, 41.  Proc. of "Plasma in the Laboratory and in the Universe: Interactions, Patterns
Turbulence" Eds G. Bertin, F. De Luca G. Lodato R. Pozzoli & M. Rome'

[52a] Fermi/LAT Gamma Ray Burst emission models and jet properties
          Ghisellini G.
          2010, in: The Extreme sky:Sampling the Universe above 10 keV, Otranto, October 2009, in press

[51a] What is the radiative process of the prompt phase of Gamma Ray Bursts?
          Ghisellini G.
          2010, X-ray Astronomy 2009 Present status, multi-wavelength approach
future perspectives",
Eds: A. Comastri, M. Cappi, L. Angelini, 2010, AIP Conf. Proc. 1248, p. 45

[50a] The blazar's divide and the properties of Fermi blazars

          Ghisellini G.
          2010, Accretion and ejection in AGN: a global view. ASP Conf. Series. Vol. 427, p. 249.
           eds. L. Maraschi, G. Ghisellini, R. Della Ceca & F. Tavecchio

[49a] Blazars in hard X-rays
           Ghisellini G.
           2009,  AIP 1126, 131, proceed. of the Simbol-X symposium (Paris, 2-5 December, 2008).
            Eds. P. Ferrando & J. Rodriguez

[48a] INTEGRAL and Swift Observations of Blazars in Outburst
          Pian E., Foschini L., Ghisellini G.
          2008, Chinese Journal of Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement, Vol. 8, p. 45

Long lived central engines in Gamma Ray Bursts
          Ghisellini G.
          2008, in Nanjing GRB Conference, AIP Vol. 1065, p.137, Eds. Y.F. Huang, Z.G. Dai, B. Zhang

[46a] Extragalactic jets: a new perspective
          Ghisellini G.
          2009, Invited talk at the 52 SAIt Congress, Teramo, Italy, May 2008. Eds M. Cantiello, S. Cristallo,
          G. Di Rico, A. Pietrinferni, G. Raimondo. 2009, MemSAIT 80, 201

The spectral sequence of blazars - Status and perspectives

Maraschi L., Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F., Foschini L.  & Sambruna R.
         High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO)  Dublin, Sept. 2007.

2008,  International Journal Of Modern Physics D, Vol. 17, Issue 9, p. 1457

[44a] Emission and power of blazar jets
Ghisellini G.
         2007,  High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO)
         Dublin, 24-28 September 2007.

2008,  International Journal Of Modern Physics D, Vol. 17, Issue 9, p. 1491

Cosmological implications of Gamma Ray Bursts
Ghisellini G.
             L1 National congress of the Italian Astron. Society, Florence April 2007
            2008, SAIt, Vol. 78, 779

[42a] Blazars and Gamma Ray Bursts
Ghisellini G.
            2006, VI Microquasar workshop Microquasars and beyond, Como, Sept. 2006.

            ( )

  Gamma Ray Bursts as standard candles to constrain the cosmological parameters

            Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Firmani C.           
Focus on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era
            2006, New J. Phys. 8 123 ( )

[40a]  Long Gamma Ray Bursts as standard candles
            Lazzati D., Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Nava L., Firmani C. , Morsony B., Begelman M.C.
            Proceedings of the workshop  Gamma ray bursts in the Swift era;
            eds. S. Holt, N. Gehrels & J. Nousek, Washington, Oct. 2005 , in press

[39a]  Gamma Ray Bursts as Cosmological Tools
            Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Nava L., Firmani C.
            Proceedings of the workshop  Astrophysical sources of high energy
             particles and radiation, Torun, Poland  20-24 June 2005, ed. T. Bulik,
            B. Rudak and G. Madejski. Invited talk p. 123

[38a]  The present and the future of cosmology with GRBs
             Ghirlanda G. & Ghisellini G.
              To appear in the Proceedings of the workshop "Science with the New
              Generation of High-Energy Gamma-Ray Experiments", Cividale del Friuli
              ( Italy), 30 May - 1 June 2005. Invited talk.

[37a]  Cosmology with Gamma Ray Bursts
            Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G., Firmani C.,  Lazzati D. &  Avila--Reese V.
            2005, in GRBs in the afterglow era, 4th Workshop, Il Nuovo Cimento, 28, p. 639

[36a]  The extragalactic gamma-ray sky: Gamma Ray Bursts and blazars
            Ghisellini G., 2004,  in  19th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, Firenze Sept. 2004
            Vol. 20, No.29 (20 November 2005) p. 6991

[35a]  Gamma Ray Bursts and radio loud Active Galactic Nuclei
            Ghisellini G., 2004,  in  Plasmas in the Laboratory and in the Universe: new insights and new challenges,
             2004,Bertin, G., Farina D.  and Pozzoli R. eds. , AIP conf. Proc., Volume 703, p. 300 (astro-ph/0310168)

[34a] The high energy view of blazars
            Ghisellini G., 2003,  in  The Restless High-Energy Universe. Nucl. Physics B. Suppl. Ser., (Elsevier)
            Eds.: E.P.J. van den Heuvel, J.J.M. in 't Zand, & R.A.M.J. Wijers  (May 2003),
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[33a] Extreme blazars
            Ghisellini G., 2004,  in TeV Astrophysics of extragalactic sources- 2nd Symposium,
             April 2003, Elsevier,  New Astronomy Review, Vol 48,  p. 375

[32a] Gamma Ray Bursts: open problems
            Ghisellini G., 2003,  in Gamma Ray Bursts in the afterglow era - Third Workshop,
             2004, ASP conf. Series,  Vol. 312, p. 319 M. Feroci, F. Frontera, N. Masetti & L. Piro ,eds.

[31a] Spectra and power of relativistic jets
            Ghisellini G., 2003,  in The Physics of Relativistic Jets in the CHANDRA and XMM Era,
             23-27 September 2002,  New Astronomy Reviews, Volume 47, p. 411

[30a] BeppoSAX ToO observations of blazars
           Tagliaferri G., Ghisellini G. & Ravasio M., 2002,  in Blazar Astrophysics with  BeppoSAX and  other
           Observatories, ASI Special Publication, Eds: P. Giommi, E. Massaro and G. Palumbo,  p. 11

[29a] The energetics of blazars
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           Observatories, ASI SPecial Publication, Eds: P. Giommi, E. Massaro and G. Palumbo,  p. 251

[28a] Blazars, Gamma-ray bursts and Galactic Superluminal sources
          Ghisellini G.,  & Celotti A., 2002,  in Blazar Astrophysics with  BeppoSAX and  other
          Observatories, ASI Special Publication Eds: P. Giommi, E. Massaro and G. Palumbo,
          p. 257 (astro-ph/0204333)

[27a] Gamma-ray bursts: some facts and ideas
           Ghisellini G., 2003, 25th Johns Hopkins Workshop: "2001: A Relativistic Spacetime Odyssey.
           Ciufolini I., Dominici D. \& Lusanna L. eds, World Scientific, p. 381
           Florence, Sep. 2001,  (astro-ph/0111584)

[26a] Sub-parsec to Mega-parsec jet emission and power
          Ghisellini G. & Celotti A., 2002,  Issues of unifications of AGNs, Marciana Marina; eds. R. Maiolino,
          A. Marconi and N. Nagar, 2002, ASP Conf. Series, p. 273, astro-ph/0108110

[25a] On the origin of Gamma Ray Burst  radiation
          Ghisellini G.,  2002. IX Grossmann meeting, July 2000, Rome, World Scientific,  available in CD-rom

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