Refereed articles  from 2000 (in reverse order)
    Last update: 4 December 2009

  Published papers: 2009

[222] Radio-Loud 1 Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 as a New Class of Gamma-Ray AGN
Abdo A.A., Ackermann M., Ajello M. et al.... + Ghisellini G., Maraschi L., Tavecchio F.,
          2009, ApJ, 707, L142

[221] Multiwavelength monitoring of the enigmatic Narrow-line seyfert 1 PMN 0948+0022  in March-July 2009
Abdo A.A., Ackermann M., Ajello M., .... Foschini L., ... Ghisellini G., ....
          2009, ApJ, 707, 737

[220] Jet and accretion power in the most powerful Fermi blazars
Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F., Ghirlanda G.
          2009,  MNRAS, 399, 2041

[219] Time resolved spectral behavior of bright BATSE precursors
Burlon D., Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini  G., Greiner J., Celotti A.,
2009,  A&A, 505, 569

[218] The hard TeV spectrum of 1ES 0229+200: new clues from Swift
          Tavecchio F., Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G., Franceschini A.
           2009,  MNRAS, 399, L59

[217] The blazar S5 0014+813: a real or apparent monster?
Ghisellini G., Foschini L., Volonteri M., Ghirlanda G., Haardt F., Burlon D., Tavecchio F.
2009, MNRAS, 399, L24

[216] Canonical high power blazars
Ghisellini G. & Tavecchio F.
          2009,  MNRAS, 397, 985

[215] Fermi/LAT discovery of gamma-ray emission from a relativistic jet in the narrow-line quasar PMN J0948+0022
          Abdo A.A., Ackermann M., Ajello M. et al.... + Ghisellini G., Maraschi L., Tavecchio F., Angelakis E.
2009,  ApJ, 699, 976

The Fermi blazars' divide
          Ghisellini G., Maraschi L., & Tavecchio F.
          2009,  MNRAS, 396, L105

[213] Short versus Long Gamma--Ray Bursts: spectra, energetics and luminosities
Ghirlanda G., Nava L., Ghisellini G., Celotti A., Firmani C.
2009,  A&A, 496, 585

[212] The changing look of PKS 2149-306
Bianchin V., Foschini L., Ghisellini G., Tagliaferri G., Tavecchio F., Treves A., Di Cocco G.,
          Gliozzi M., Pian E., Sambruna R.M., & Wolter A.
2009,  A&A,  496, 423

[211]  3C66B as a TeV radiogalaxy
           Tavecchio F. & Ghisellini G.
           2009,  MNRAS, 394, L131

[210] Time resolved spectral correlations of long-duration GRBs
Firmani C., Cabrera J.I., Avila-Reese V., Ghisellini G.,, Ghirlanda G., Nava L., Bosnjak Z.
          2009,  MNRAS, 393, 1209

A unifying view of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows
Ghisellini G., Nardini M., Ghirlanda G., Celotti A.
           2009, MNRAS, 393, 253

[208] TeV variability in blazars: how fast can it be?
Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F., Bodo G., Celotti A.
            2009,  MNRAS, 393, L16

  Published papers: 2008

[207] Testing the blazar spectral sequence: X-ray selected blazars
Maraschi L., Foschini L., Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F., Sambruna R.M.
           2008,  MNRAS, 391, 1981

[206] Peak energy of the prompt emission of long Gamma Ray Bursts vs their fluence and peak flux
Nava L., Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Firmani C.
           2008,  MNRAS,  391, 639

[205] Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays, Spiral galaxies and Magnetars
          Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G., Tavecchio F., Fraternali F., Pareschi G.
          2008, MNRAS, 390, L88

[204] Precursors in Swift Gamma Ray Bursts with redshift
Burlon D., Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G.,  Lazzati D.,  Nava L., Nardini M., Celotti  A.
          2008,  ApJ, 685, L19

[203] The blazar sequence: a new perspective
Ghisellini G. & Tavecchio F.
          2008,  MNRAS, 387, 1669

[202] The Ep-Eiso plane of long Gamma Ray Bursts and selection effects
           Ghirlanda G., Nava L., Ghisellini G., Firmani C.,  Cabrera I.J.
           2008, MNRAS, 387, 319

[201] Infrared to X-ray observations of PKS 2155-304 in a low state
Foschini L., Treves A., Tavecchio F.,  Impiombato D., Ghisellini G., Covino S., Tosti G., Gliozzi M.,
          Bianchin V., Di Cocco G., Malaguti G., Maraschi L., Pian E., Raiteri C.M., Sambruna R.M. and Villata M.
          2008, AA, 484, L35

[200] Simultaneous multiwalength observations of the blazar 1ES 1959+650 at a low TeV flux
Tagliaferri G., Foschini L., Ghisellini G., Maraschi L., Tosti G. and the MAGIC collaboration
          2008,  ApJ,  679, 1029

[199] The spectrum of the Broad Line Region and the high-energy emission of powerful blazars
          Tavecchio F. & Ghisellini, G.
          2008,  MNRAS, 386, 945

Optical afterglow luminosities in the Swift epoch: confirming clustering and bimodality
           Nardini M., Ghisellini G & Ghirlanda G.
2008, MNRAS, 386, L87

Rapid variability in TeV blazars: the case of PKS 2155-304
          Ghisellini G. & Tavecchio F.
          2008,  MNRAS, 386,  L28

[196] The power of blazar jets
Celotti, A. & Ghisellini, G.
          2008,  MNRAS, 385, 283 

[195] Spine-sheat layer radiative interplay in subparsec-scale jets and the TeV emission from M87
          Tavecchio, F.  & Ghisellini, G.
          2008,  MNRAS, 385, L98

[194] Optical afterglows of gamma-ray bursts: a bimodal distribution?
Nardini M., Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G.
          2008,  MNRAS, 383, 1049

Published papers: 2007

[193] On the July 2007 flare of the blazar 3C 454.3
G. Ghisellini, L. Foschini, F. Tavecchio & E. Pian
          2007,  MNRAS, 382, L82

[192] Did we observe the supernova shock breakout in GRB 060218?
          Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G. & Tavecchio, F.
2007,  MNRAS, 382, L77

[191] Re-born fireballs in Gamma Ray Bursts
          Ghisellini G., Celotti A., Ghirlanda G., Firmani C. & Nava, L.
2007,  MNRAS, 382, L72

[190] Spectral analysis of Swift long GRBs with known redshift
          Cabrera J.I., Firmani C., Avila-Reese V., Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Nava L.
2007,  MNRAS, 382, 342

[189] Swift observations of high-z radio-loud quasars
          Sambruna, R.M., Tavecchio, F., Ghisellini, G., Markwardt, C.B., Tueller, J., Holland, S. Mushotzy, R.
          2007, ApJ, 669, 884

[188]  Low energy cut-offs and hard X-ray spectra in high-z radio-loud quasars:
             the Suzaku view of RBS 315

            Tavecchio F., Maraschi L., Ghisellini G., Kataoka J., Foschini L., Sambruna R.M., Tagliaferri G.
             2007, ApJ, 665, 980

[187] Black-body components in Gamma Ray Bursts spectra?
          Ghirlanda G., Bosnjak Z., Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F., Firmani C.
          2007,  MNRAS, 379, 73

[186] Simultaneous Swift and REM monitoring of the blazar PKS 0537-441 in 2005
Pian, E., Romani, P., Treves, A., Ghisellini, G., Covino, S., Cucchiara, A., Dolcini, A., Tagliaferri, G.,
          Markwardt, C., Campana, S., Chincarini, G., Gehrels, N., Giommi, P., Maraschi, M., Vergani, S., Zerbi, F.,
          Molinari, E., Testa, V., Tosti, G., Vitali, F., Antonelli, L.A., Conconi, P., Malaspina, G., Nicastro, L., Palazzi, E.,
          Meurs, E.J.A., Norci, L.
2007, ApJ, 664, 106

[185] The role of afterglow break-times as Gamma Ray Burst  jet angle indicators
            Nava, L., Ghisellini, G., Ghirlanda, G., Cabrera, J.I., Firmani, C., Avila-Reese, V.
            2007, MNRAS, 377, 1464

[184] Confirming the Gamma Ray Bursts spectral-energy correlation in the era of multiple time breaks
           Ghirlanda G.,  Nava L., Ghisellini G., Firmani C.
           2007, A&A, 466, 127

[183] "Late prompt'' emission in Gamma Ray Bursts?
             Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G.,  Nava L.,  Firmani C.
             2007, ApJ, 658, L75

X-Ray/UV/Optical follow-up of the blazar PKS 2155-304 after  the giant TeV flare  of July 2006
Foschini, L., Ghisellini, G., Tavecchio, F., Treves, A., Maraschi, L., Gliozzi, M., Raiteri, C.M., Villata, M., Pian, E.,
            Tagliaferri, G., Tosti, G., Sambruna, M.R., Malaguti, G., Di Cocco, G. Giommi, P.
             2007, ApJ, 657, L81

[181] Long Gamma Ray Burst prompt emission properties as a cosmological tool
           Firmani C., Avila-Reese V., Ghisellini G. & Ghirlanda G.
           2007,  Riv. Mex. Astr. Astroph., 43, 203

[180] Bulk Comptonization spectra in blazars
Celotti A., Ghisellini G., Fabian A.C.
2007,  MNRAS, 375, 417

[179] Dissipation of jet bulk kinetic energy in powerful blazars
           Katarzynski K. & Ghisellini G.
            2007, A&A, 463, 529

[178] Puzzled by GRB 060218
Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G. & Tavecchio, F.
2007, MNRAS, 375, L36

Published papers: 2006

[177] Are GRB 980425 and GRB 031203 real outliers or twins of GRB 060218?
Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G.,Mereghetti, S., Bosnjak Z., Tavecchio F.,  & Firmani C.
            2006, MNRAS, 372, 1699

[176] The Hubble diagram extended to z>>1: the gamma-ray properties of GRBs confirm the
CDM model
            Firmani C., Avila--Reese V., Ghisellini G. & Ghirlanda G.
            2006,  MNRAS (Letters), 372, L28

Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of S5 0716+714 after the outburst  of March 2004
            Foschini L.,  Tagliaferri  G., Pian E.,  Ghisellini G., Treves A., Maraschi L,  Tavecchio F., 
            Di Cocco G. Rosen S.R.
            2006,  A&A, 455, 871

[174] Discovery of a tight correlation among the prompt emission properties of long Gamma Ray Bursts
Firmani C., Ghisellini G., Avila-Reese V. & Ghirlanda G.
             2006, MNRAS, 370, 185

[173] XMM-Newton observations of a sample of gamma-loud active galactic nuclei
            Foschini L., Ghisellini G., Raiteri C.M.,  Tavecchio F., Villata M., Maraschi L., Pian E.,
             Di Cocco G., Malaguti P.
             2006,  A&A, 453, 829

[172] Stochastic particle acceleration and synchrotron self-Compton radiation in TeV blazars
           Katarzynski K., Ghisellini G., Mastichiadis A., Tavecchio F., Maraschi L.
            2006,  A&A, 453, 47

Cosmological constraints with GRBs: homogeneous medium vs wind density profile
            Ghirlanda,G., Ghisellini G., Firmani C., Nava L., Tavecchio F., Lazzati D.
            2006,  A&A, 452, 839

The clustering of the luminosities of optical afterglows of long Gamma Ray Bursts
           Nardini M., Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G., Tavecchio F., Firmani  C., Lazzati  D.
           2006, A&A, 451, 821

[169]The cyclo-synchrotron processses and the particle heating through the absorption of photons
           Katarzynski K., Ghisellini G., Svensson R. & Gracia J.
            2006, A&A ,451, 739

[168] Hard TeV spectra of blazars and the constraints to the IR intergalactic background
           Katarzynski K., Ghisellini G., Tavecchio, F., Gracia J. & Maraschi L.
            2006,   MNRAS Letters,  368, L52

[167] On the correlation of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts and Clusters of galaxies 
            Ghirlanda, G., Magliocchetti M., Ghisellini G., Guzzo L., .
             2006,  MNRAS Letters, 368, L20

[166] On the interpretation of  the spectral-energy correlations in long Gamma-Ray Bursts
           Nava L., Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G., Tavecchio F., Firmani  C.
           2006, A&A, 450, 471

[165] A Short Hard X-ray Flare from the Blazar NRAO 530 Observed by INTEGRAL
           L. Foschini, Pian E.,  Maraschi L,  Raiteri C.M.,  Tavecchio F., Ghisellini G., Tosti G.,
           Malaguti G., Di Cocco G.
           2006,   A&A, 450, 77

INTEGRAL observations of the blazar 3C 454.3 in outburst
            Pian E., Foschini L., Beckmann V., Soldi S. Turler M., Gehrels N., Ghisellini G.,  Giommi P.,  Maraschi L.,
            Pursimo T., Raiteri C.M., Tagliaferri G., Tornikoski M., Tosti G., Treves A., Villata M., Barr P., Courvoisier T. H.-L.,
            Di Cocco G., Hudec R., Fuhrmann L., Malaguti G., Persic M., Tavecchio F., Walter R.
            2006,  A&A 449, L21

Published papers: 2005

[163]  GRB 021004 modelled by multiple energy injections
            A. de Ugarte Postigo, A.J. Castro-Tirado,  J. Gorosabel, G. Johannesson, G. Bjornsson, E.H.  Gudmundsson,
            M. Bremer, S. Pak, N. Tanvir, J.M. Castro Ceron, S. Guzyi, M. Jelinek,  S. Klose, D. Perez-Ramirez,  J. Aceituno,
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            2005, A&A,  443, 841

[162]  Soft gamma-ray repeater giant flares in the BATSE short gamma-ray burst catalogue:
             constraints from spectroscopy
            Lazzati D., Ghirlanda G.,  Ghisellini G.
             2005,  MNRAS, 362, L8

[161] A search for Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium features in the X-ray spectra of Mkn 421
             with the XMM-Newton RGS
             Ravasio M., Tagliaferri G., Pollock A.M.T., Ghisellini, G. & Tavecchio F.
              2005, A&A,  438, 481

[160] Probing  the existence  of the  Epeak-Eiso correlation in long Gamma Ray Bursts
            G. Ghirlanda, G.  Ghisellini &  C. Firmani
            2005, MNRAS, 361, L10 (Letters)

[159] The peak luminosity - peak energy correlation in GRBs
            Ghirlanda G.,  Ghisellini G.,  Firmani C.,  Celotti A.,  Bosnjak  Z.
             2005,  MNRAS, 360, L45

[158] A new method optimized to use Gamma-Ray Bursts as cosmic rulers
           Firmani C., Ghisellini G., Ghirlanda G. & Avila-Reese V.
           2005, MNRAS , 360,  L1

[157] A Flash in the dark: UVES/VLT High resolution spectroscopy of GRB afterglows
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            2005,  ApJ,  624, 853

[156] Correlation between the TeV and X-ray emission in  high-energy peaked BL Lac objects.
            Katarzynski K.,  Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F.,  Maraschi L., Fossati G., Mastichiadis A.
           2005  A&A, 433, 479

[155]  Structured jets in TeV BL Lac objects and radiogalaxies
             Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F. & Chiaberge M.
             2005, A&A, 432, 401

[154] Integral observations of the field of the BL Lac object S5 0716+714
           Pian E., Foschini L., Beckman V., Sillampaa A., Soldi S., Tagliaferri G., Takalo L., Barr P.,
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            2005, A&A, 429, 427

Published papers: 2004

[153] The collimation--corrected GRB energies correlate with the peak energy of
             their  vFv spectrum
             Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G. & Lazzati D.
              2004,  ApJ, 616, 331

[152]  Probing a GRB progenitor at a redshift z=2: a comprehensive observing campaign
             of the afterglow of GRB 030226
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             Rossi E.M.,  Lazzati D.,  Salmonson J. & Ghisellini G.
              2004, MNRAS, 354, 86

[150]  Observing Mkn 421 with XMM-Newton: the EPIC-PN point of view
              Ravasio M., Tagliaferri G., Ghisellini G. & Tavecchio F.
               2004 A&A, 424, 841

[149] Gamma Ray Bursts: new rulers to measure the Universe
            Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G., Lazzati D. & Firmani C.
             2004, ApJ, 613, L13

[148] Formation rate,  evolving luminosity function, jet structure,  and progenitors
            for long Gamma Ray Bursts
           Firmani C., Avila-Reese V., Ghisellini G. & Tutukov A.
            2004,  ApJ,  611, 1033

[147] The Swift Gamma Ray Burst Mission
            Gehrels N., Chincarini G., Giommi P.,  ..... Ghisellini G., ..... et al.
            2004, ApJ,  611, 1005

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           Tiengo A., Mereghetti S., Ghisellini G., Tavecchio F & Ghirlanda G.
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[145] The spectra of short Gamma Ray Bursts
            Ghirlanda G., Ghisellini G. & Celotti A.
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[144]  On the jet structure and magnetic field configuration of GRB  020813
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[138]  Aborted jets and the X-ray emission of radio-quiet AGNs
            Ghisellini G., Haardt F.  & Matt G.
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Published papers: 2003

[137]  Wide band X-ray and optical observation of the BL Lac object 1ES 1959+650 in high state
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              2003,  A&A, 412, 711

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             of the afterglow of GRB 021004
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            2003, A&A, 407, 453

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           Ghirlanda  G.,   Celotti  A. &  Ghisellini  G.
            2003, A&A, 406, 879

[130]  Evidence for supernova signatures in the spectrum  of the late time  bump
             of the optical afterglow of GRB 021211
             Della Valle M., Malesani D.,  Benetti S.,  Testa V.,  Hamuy M., Antonelli L.A.,  Chincarini G., Cocozza G.,
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             2003,  A&A, 406, L33

[129]   Optical and NIR observations of the afterglow of GRB 020813
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[128]  Clumps in large scale relativistic jets
             Tavecchio F., Ghisellini G. & Celotti A.
              2003 A&A, 403, 83

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