Simulating the Euclid sky

The ESA Euclid mission is an upcoming space telescope. The imaging and spectroscopic instruments will be sensitive to the near-IR and permit us to measure the redshifts and distances of galaxies 7 billion years ago. Below is a slice through a simulation of the galaxy distribution that Euclid will map.

The green points indicate H-alpha emitting galaxies that can be measured by the Euclid spectroscopic redshift survey. Visualization by Ben Granett, simulation credits here.

The survey will cover approximately one third of the sky avoiding the Milky Way and the plane of the solar system.

All-sky cam

The all-sky camera on Haleakala caught some Orionid meteors on Oct 20-21. Here is a video of the evening, although it is mostly full of airplanes shooting across the sky. Unfortunately the image stream stopped after 3:30 when the shower was picking up. Made by Ben Granett.

Sky over Haleakala Orionid meteor shower 2009 from benpinkpanther on Vimeo.

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Wednesday July 2024 13:47:33