Black-Hole transients


Tomaso Belloni (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)


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This page shows the evolution of the black-hole transients currently in outburst as observed by MAXI and Swift/BAT. It is intended as a utility to trigger multi-wavelength observations.


  1. BulletGRS 1739-278 (LHS)

  2. BulletMAXI J1836-194 (quiescent)

  3. Bullet4U 1630-472 (quiescent)

  4. Bullet XTE J1752-223 (quiescent)

  5. Bullet GX 339-4 (LHS)

  6. BulletMAXI J1828-249 (HSS)

  7. Bullet XTE J1908+094 (HSS)

  8. Bullet H 1743-322 (quiescent)

  9. BulletMAXI J1659-152 (quiescent)

  10. BulletSwift J1357.2-0933 (quiescent)

  11. BulletIGR J17091-3624 (quiescent)

  12. BulletMAXI J1543-564 (quiescent)


Old faithful GX 339-4 is in outburst again. Follow its evolution through MAXI, Swift/XRT and Swift/BAT

XTE J1908+094 is also in outburst. Swift/BAT, Swift/XRT and MAXI light curves available

MAXI J1828-249 is also in outburst and ready to get back to the LHS