URE & Hevelius project

The exhibition "PAGINE di CIELO. The restoration of Johannes Hevelius’s Atlante Celeste and the Brera Astronomical Observatory library", was organized by Brera Astronomical Observatory and Braidense National library with the support of Municipality of Milan. The realization was possible thanks to:

technical sponsors:

Benefits for sponsors

Benefits for sponsors depended on funding delivered.
Mainly the sponsor’s logo was exhibited in all informative and promotional materials made, that is :

  • opening invitations
  • bill-posting material (posters 35cm x 50cm)
  • exhibition web pages created and maintained by Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera with the inclusion of company URL web-site
  • display exhibition

Allows for sponsor:

  • to write sponsor press-release in the exhibition press kit
  • to have a special event for sponsor partners in the historical domes of Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera site of Merate
  • to reserve visits to exhibition with an expert for public elite

Italian web pages exhibition URL is: