Scientific Seminars

Supermassive black holes and where to find them

Jack F. Radcliffe
Univ. Pretoria (SA) & Univ. Manchester (UK)

2023-05-30    11:00    Brera - OAB Colloquia: Cupola Fiore + Sala virtuale -

The interplay between active galactic nuclei (AGN) and star formation is of utmost importance to galaxy evolution. In recent years, radio observations have provided an obscuration-independent method of quantifying the contributions from both star formation and AGN. However, separating these two components requires multi-wavelength data which comes with its own biases. In this talk, I will introduce how using wide-field high-resolution radio observations to resolve these radio sources can be key to disentangling these two components, and provide unique insights into AGN physics and feedback mechanisms. While AGN was the original goal, such high-resolution surveys have proven extremely useful for many other science cases (e.g., the ISM of nearby galaxies, young stellar objects, and supernovae), which I shall touch on. The talk will conclude by looking at the future and the role of high-resolution observations in the SKA era.