Scientific Seminars

An Astrophysical Career: my path towards understanding active galaxies and becoming Director of NASA ' s Chandra X-ray Center

Belinda Wilkes
CFA Harvard

2023-01-10    11:00    Brera - Milano Cupola Fiore + Sala virtuale

My career has taken me all over the world, across the electromagnetic spectrum, and from student to observatory Director, as I explored active galaxies (AGN) and enabled X-ray science across the full range of celestial sources. I expanded beyond my initial optical spectroscopic study of AGN broad emission line regions to include X-ray emission and a radio-X-ray synoptic view, including individual sources and well-defined samples, AGN cores and their host galaxies. Along the way I travelled the world, from the UK to Australia, Arizona to New England, with visits to many countries for observations and conferences. I will summarise my journey through both science and career, charting my path to and experience of Directing a NASA Great Observatory.