Scientific Seminars

Gamma-ray bursts and other beasts: from environments to progenitors

Jure Japelj
University of Amsterdam

2018-11-22    10:00    Merate - POE Merate

The fascinating evolution of massive stars provides us with a variety of explosive transients, such as different types of supernovae, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), kilonovae. What are the particular properties of a progenitor star (or a stellar system) that lead to one type of explosion but not another? Important clues about progenitors of different types of transients are revealed by studying their host-galaxy environments. In this talk the host galaxies of GRBs will be discussed, both in the context of star forming galaxies in general as well as in the context of the environments of other transients. I will present the latest developments in the field and the implications they carry for the understanding of GRB progenitors in particular.