Scientific Seminars

Asymmetry of cyclotron line of Cepheus X-4 and results from pulse-phase resolved spectroscopy

Yash Bhargava
IUCAA, Pune, India

2018-10-25    11:00    Merate - POE Merate

The high mass X-ray binary Cepheus X-4, during its 2014 outburst, showed evidence for an asymmetric cyclotron line in its hard X-ray spectrum. The 2014 spectrum provides one of the clearest cases of an asymmetric line profile among all studied sources with Cyclotron Resonance Scattering Features (CRSF). The speaker will present a phase-resolved analysis of NuSTAR and Suzaku data taken at the peak and during the decline phases of this outburst. The speaker will discuss effect of phase averaging and the implications on the observed spectrum.