Scientific Seminars

The MURALES survey: a MUse RAdio Loud Emission lines Snapshot.

Barbara Balmaverde

2018-05-08    14:00    Brera - Cupola Fiore

We report the first results of the MURALES survey, a complete program of MUSE observations of nearby (z<0.3) 3C radio galaxies. The MUSE data can be combined with the unique multiband dataset available for these sources, produced with all major observing facilities at all accessible wavelengths, adding a key ingredient for our understanding of the radio-loud AGN phenomenon. It is now possible to explore the gas kinematics, its relationship with the relativistic outflows, and unveil jet-triggered star forming regions, enabling us to explore quantitatively the feedback process. We already fully modelled the MUSE data obtained for the first 20 (out of 40) sources. The line emission images of unprecedented depth revealed the widespread presence of filamentary structures extending several tens of kpc, preferentially oriented perpendicularly to the radio jets, likely the remnants of the gas rich mergers which triggered the AGN. We also found a dual AGN associated to 3C459, formed by a radio-loud AGN and a Seyfert 2, separated by 4 kpc.