Scientific Seminars

The multiphase nature of outflows in AGN host galaxies

Claudia Cicone

2018-03-01    11:00    Merate - Biblioteca

Galactic outflows have a multiphase nature, as evidenced by observations and expected by theoretical works. In particular, observations of extremely massive and fast molecular outflows have shown that AGNs and powerful starbursts can undermine even the coldest and densest phase of the ISM, which is the fuel for star formation. A significant boost of the molecular outflow mass-loss rate compared to the SFR is observed in galaxies whose bolometric luminosity is dominated by an AGN, suggesting that the molecular gas component encloses key information about the radiative-mode AGN feedback mechanism. In this seminar I will review and discuss current observational work on multiphase outflows in AGN host galaxies, with a special focus on recent results on molecular outflows.