Scientific Seminars

Evolution of the Hubble Sequence over the past 10 Gyr

Paolo Cassata
LAM, Marseille

2012-09-05    14:00    IASF - Sala riunioni IV piano

The last few years have seen a dramatic improvement of our knowledge of galaxy evolution in the first 5 Gyr of cosmic history, thanks to the development of red spectrographs on 8m class telescopes (i.e. FORS2 on the VLT) in combination with new wide field instrumentation onboard the Hubble Space Telescope (ACS in the optical and WFC3 in the near-infrared). I will review the latest progress in this field, in particular about the evolution of passive early-type galaxies and their structure, and I will explain how studying the evolution of the Hubble sequence at high redshift can help us constraining the models of galaxy evolution. I will conclude by showing how we plan to improve our census of galaxies at 2