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Visiting Merate site

icona freccia Is it possible to visit Merate site during daytime?
YES IT IS: every first friday of every month, except holidays and August.
Time: 10:00.
Location: reception (building offices).
What about daytime visit: you can see our domes and telescopes with an astronomer of ours. He/she will tell you about our oservatory, our research activity and so on.
Free admission. Only by phone booking at visits Switch board (monday - friday; 09:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.).

icona freccia Evening visits: when, how and what about these visits
Price: full 7 € - reduced 4 € (children under 10 and adults over 65).

Visits are only by phone or e-mail booking at visits switch board (phone booking: monday - friday; 09:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.).
We will contact you the week before your visit via email or via phone to confirm the booking

What about
2/3 evenings every month except on holydays. The visits are during the first phase of the Moon. For the starting visit time it depends on the season (from 6:30 p.m. during winter to 9:00 in summer).
What about evening visits: in case of good weather (that is sky no cloudy) the astronomer on call will receive you in our visiting room and will tell you a brief history of our observatory and then will take you in the dome where there will be the sky observation. The observing objects (apert from Moon) depends from the period of the year and from time of observation. The visits can last from one hour and half to three hours.
In case of bad weather sky observation will be replaced by an astronomical lecture and by a dome and telescope visit. In this case visits can last from one hour to two hours and half.

Warning: wear a flashlight - wear comfortable shoes (better no heel shoes) and pay attention to the way by foot - the domes of the telescopes are not heated: please, choose carefully your clothing, especially during autumn and winter!

More info at: guided visits