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Dottorati/Students with P.h.D.

Name Subject Tutor Supervisor (Milano/Merate) Cycle Beginning End
Baglio Cristina Searching for jet signatures in neutron star X-ray binaries Treves A. Campana S. XXIX 2013-11-01 2017-04-02
Coti Zelati Francesco Observing neutron stars at the magnetic extremes Treves A. Campana S. & Rea N. XXIX 2013-11-01 2016-10-30
Landoni Marco Optical Spectroscopy with Very Large Telescope: Instrumental Development and Data Interpretation The case of the Rocky-Planets Finder ESPRESSO and Spectral Characterization of BL Lac Objects Treves A. & Falomo R. Zerbi F. XXVI 2013-11-26
Raimondi Lorenzo X-ray telescope mirrors From surface profile to Point Spread Function: a new approach Treves A. Spiga D. XXIV 2009-03-01 2012-02-23
Proserpio Laura Development of the Glass Slumping technology for the production of the X-ray mirrors aboard the International X-ray Observatory optical module Treves A. Ghigo M. & Pareschi G. XXII 2007-10-01 2011-10-11
Sironi Giorgia Analysis of X-ray telescope angular resolutions: application to NHXM Treves A. Pareschi G. & Citterio O. XXII 2006-10-01 2010-07-09
Riva Alberto Infrared cameras for small telescopes: from requirements to device Treves A. Zerbi F. XX 2004-11-01 2008-01-18
D'Avanzo Paolo The optical counterparts of Low-Mass X-ray Transients during quiescence Treves A. Campana S. XX 2004-12-01 2008-01-18

Laureati/Graduate students

Name Subject Supervisor Supervisors (Milano/Merate) Date University
Dolcini Alberto Studio di variabilita' ottica ed infrarossa di PKS 0537-441 Treves A. Covino S. 2005-11-17 Univ. Insubria - laurea breve
Colombo Andrea Analisi spettrale e temporale di candidati buchi neri Treves A. Belloni T. 2002-07-01 Univ. Insubria
Vignarca Francesco Analisi temporale dell'emissione X del candidato buco nero GRS 1915+105 Treves A. Belloni T. 2001-07-01 Univ. Insubria