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BEaTriX, the X-ray facility for the functional test of the ATHENA telescope

Representative image for thesis Tutors: Daniele Spiga, Bianca Salmaso, Stefano Basso
Lasting: 3 years. PhD thesis.

The realization of modular optics for the ATHENA X-ray telescope, based on silicon pore optics (SPO) represents an unprecedented technological challenge, on both sides of the process: manufacturing precise optics for a 2.5 m diameter telescope and their qualification.
In the ATHENA consortium, INAF-OAB works on the X-ray characterization; to this end, in the Merate seat we have realized BEaTriX, a world-unique X-ray calibration facility.
BEaTriX generates a wide (17 cm x 6 cm), parallel and monochromatic beam within a small lab, allowing us to directly measure the focusing accuracy of the SPO modules at their production rate.

The PhD thesis targets to the optimization of the facility to minimize the beam divergence, maximize the flux, optimize the beam uniformity and stability, modeling and simulating the optical setup to isolate possible critical points. Besides, the PhD student shall apply the results achieved with the current facility to the oncoming beamlines.