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BEaTriX: the Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility

Representative image for thesis
BEaTriX: the Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility [crediti: INAF-OAB].
ATHENA is an ESA mission. Within the ATHENA consortium, INAF-OAB works on the X-ray characterization; to this end, in the Merate seat we have realized BEaTriX, a world-unique X-ray calibration facility. BEaTriX generates a wide, parallel and monochromatic beam within a small lab, allowing us to directly measure the focusing accuracy of the SPO modules at their production rate.
For details about the facility, please refer to the WEB page: BEaTrix facility.
  • Calibration and test of optical modules for the ATHENA telescope with the X-ray facility BEaTriX
Representative image for thesis Bachelor/Master
Lasting: 3 months for bachelor - 6-9 months for master
Tutors: Daniele Spiga, Bianca Salmaso and Stefano Basso
The realization of modular optics for the ATHENA X-ray telescope, based on silicon pore optics (SPO) represents an unprecedented technological challenge, on both sides of the process: manufacturing precise optics for a 2.5 m diameter telescope and their qualification.
The graduate student shall work on the preparation and the optimization for the measurement setup, as well as the X-ray characterization of optical modules.

Image caption: an ATHENA module in the BEaTriX experimental chamber
  • 2) BEaTriX upgrade: development of an optical system to couple the X-ray beam to the detector for alignment
Representative image for thesis Master
Lasting: 6-9 months
Tutors: Bianca Salmaso, Stefano Basso e Daniele Spiga
The graduate student shall study an optical system that couples the X-ray beam to a CCD camera, reducing its dimensions in order to create the image of the entire beam on the sensor and thus allow the optimization of the alignment setup.

Image caption: diagram of a possible coupling system