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Titolo Autore Data ins. Anno publ. Posizione Codice In prestito
First COROT-MONS-MOST Ground-based Support Workshop edited by C.Sterken 2024-07-07 2001 12/5a 8900 no
Variable stars as essential astrophysical tools edited by C.Ibanoglu 2024-07-07 2000 16/2b 8899 no
Stargazers (The contribution of amateurs to astronomy) S.Dunlop,M.Gerbaldi 2024-07-07 1988 16/6a 8898 no
The impact of long-term monitoring on variable stars research (Astrophysics, instrumentation, data handling, archiving) C.Sterken and Mart de Groot (eds.) 2024-07-07 1994 16/2b 8897 no
Variable stars: new frontiers Autori Vari 2024-07-07 1997 12/5a 8896 no
Stellar pulsation: challenges for theory and observation J.A.Guzik and P.A.Bradley 2024-07-06 2009 12/5a 8895 no
Towards asteroseismology of the young open stellar cluster chi Persei (NGC884) S.Saesen 2024-07-06 2009 12/5a 8894 no
Asteroseismology across the HR diagram M.J.Thompson et al (Guest editors) 2024-07-06 2003 12/5a 8893 no
Blazar monitoring toward the third millenium C.M.Raiteri et al. (editors) 2024-07-06 1999 13/8a 8892 no
Asteroseismology of stellar populations in the Milky Way A.Miglio et al. editors 2024-07-05 2015 12/5a 8891 no