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Degree students
Name Telephone N. Email Contact
Asquini Laura Resp. D’Avanzo & Campana   Merate
Borin Federico Resp. Poretti +39-02-72320414 Merate
Cesari Francesco Resp. Campana & D’Avanzo Merate
Dal Chiele Agnese Resp. Campana   Merate
Frustagli Giuseppe Resp. Poretti +39-02-72320424 Merate
Galli Paola Resp. Bianco Merate
Mongodi Giulia Resp. D'Avanzo +39-02-72320504 Merate
Ravasio Mery Resp. Ghirlanda & Ghisellini +39-02-72320411 Merate
Redaelli Edoardo Maria Alberto Resp. Riva Merate
Salvaggio Chiara A. Wolter +39-02-72320347 Milano