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March 2024 - Meetings at school with our researcher Sabrina De Grandi
At the "Don Milani" State Comprehensive Institute of Vimercate different classes of the three primary schools worked on the topic of women in science. Our astrophysicist and popularizer Sabrina De Grandi talked about the universe by promoting the feminine image of women in science - Article on the Institute website at the link: Women and science!
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March, 07 2023
Rai fiction "beats" the observatory - Stefano Covino’s defense - Article in La Provincia
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July 2023
The "Giant Golden" Award to Oberto Citterio. After the dedication of an asteroid, another honor given by the municipality of Inverigo (Co) for scientific merits and technological developments - Read the reasons in the pdf file below
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July, 11 2023
Euclid satellite and Open Night event in OAB - Download the articles in pdf format
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April 2023
April, 21 and April 23 - You can visit the Gallery of Ancient Instruments also with the virtual - Article on Tuttomilano insert - Repubblica Newspaper Aprile, 20 2023
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March 2023
Start of Ramadan 1444 hijri (2023/03/22) - Thanks to our colleagues who followed the event and its preparation - Article on
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March 2023
"The largest Gamma-Ray observatory, Merate Capofila, is born. The newspaper "Giornale di Merate" interviews our researchers Gianpiero Tagliaferri and Giacomo Bonnoli. Download the article in pdf format
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February 2023
"The Brera Astronomical Observatory - A history spanning 250 years" - Online article of the ITALIA Foundation: Land of Beauty - STEAM Special Edition: Read the article
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November 2022
November, 20 2022 - "Mars is yellow, here it’s snowing" - Read in pdf format the article on La Lettura of Corriere della Sera newspaper.
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November 2022
On Wednesday 2 November, the medal dedicated to George Gamow, a Russian-Ukrainian naturalized American astrophysicist, was awarded to our colleague Filippo Zerbi, scientific director of INAF: The "George Gamow" medal to Filippo Zerbi - MediaInaf
September 9, 2022
Article from newspaper Il Giorno: "Never experienced a summer like this. The most tropical ever"
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September 9, 2022
Article from newspaper Il Corriere della Sera: "The bizarre weather seen from Brera: a 260-year survey."
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August, 29 September 1 2022
Astrophysical Polarimetry in the TimeDomain Era - August 29 - September 1 2022 - International Workshop organized by INAF-OAB at the Campus of Milano Polytechnic, Lecco territorial Pole - Read the news on LECCOTODAY: Supernovae, x-ray, gravitational waves: all the secrets at the Polytechnic - Download and read the article on La provincia: "The elite of astrophysics in Lecco city - 4 days at the Polytechnic"
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August 2022
Read in this very hot summer two articles about G.V. Schiaparelli’s diaries preserved in our site in Milano: From Brera to Mars with Schiaparelli’s diaries - MediaInaf - G.V. Schiaparelli’s diaries: alternative use of stamps
June, 06 2022
DESIGN WEEK NEWS - Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan - Saturn exposure: device for disinfection and inactivation of pathogens in closed environments patented by INAF and NVK Design

Article on
Read the article on Saturn exposure
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April, 19 2022
At the Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan, the Schiaparelli Dome can be visited again

Article by Stefano Brambilla - Italian Touring Club -
Read the article on At the Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan, the Schiaparelli Dome can be visited again
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April, 7 2022
Our Ukrainian guests tell about your story on Merateonline

Article by Saba Viscardi - Merateonline -
Read the article on Merate: the story of Vladimir and Oksa
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September, 09 2021
"Merate sotto le stelle" on Merateonline - Read about inauguration: Four astronomical, musical and theatrical events for Merate
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June, 27 2021
As with a microwave oven you can measure the light velocity - On " Il Sole 24 Ore" daily newspaper the rewiev about Gabriele Ghisellini’s new book by Patrizia Caraveo
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June, 10 2021
Let there be light. The fil rouge of modern physics

MediaInaf review by Maura Sandri about the new book of Gabriele Ghisellini. Read the story on Let there be light. The fil rouge of modern physics
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May, 2021
The science of light - Co.Scienza - Interview to Gabriele Ghisellini

Gabriele Ghisellini interviewed by Gianluigi Marsibilio scientific popularizer and curator of the podcast "The science of light" for - Listen the interview on - Spotify or on Google Podcasts
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May, 2021
Gabriele Ghisellini interviewed by Astrocom et al about his new book

Gabriele Ghisellini interviewed about his new book by Gabriella Bernardi for her review online program "10 questions 1 book" - Read the online interview to the link 10 questions to Gabriele Ghisellini
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May, 21 2021
I’ll bring you in light mysteries - Article on Corriere della Sera - Milano

In this interview our astrophysics Gabriele Ghisellini tells us about his new book "Light was" with a subject dear to science. Download the article in pdf format
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May, 2021
Ilaria Arosio speaks about our observatory - Online article on

May, 19 2021 - Ilaria Arosio, our astrophysics and popularizer interviewed by Valentina Neri about our observatory on (De Agostini) - Read the article
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May, 2021
Covid and sun rays - Article on Il Giornale

May, 07 2021 - Interview to our astronomer Giovanni Pareschi and prof. Mario Clerici - Covid and sun rays - On Il
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March, 4 2021
Brera Perseverance - Article on la Repubblica

March, 05 2021 - Via streaming the new set up for Astronomical Museum of Brera - On YouTube A bridge between sky and land. The new set up for the Astronomical Museum of Brera. Download and read the article on Repubblica in pdf format
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December, 2020
Online astronomical courses for the Astronomical Observatory of Brera

Our astronomical courses on - Read the article
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February, 12 2021
UV and the struggle against Covid - About us

February, 10 2021 - Interview to Giovanni Pareschi - UV for the struggle against Covid - On Corriere Adriatico. For subscribed member you can read it online: Interview to Giovanni Pareschi. Download the article in pdf format
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October, 16 2020
The fatal embrace of a couple of monsters - on MediaInaf

A team of astrophysicists guided by our post-doc Roberto Serafinelli found a new method to select elusive supermassive black hole binaries that are thought to be the penultimate stage of galaxy mergers, preceding a final coalescence phase ... Well done to Roberto but also to our researchers Paola Severgnini, Valentina Braito and Roberto Della Ceca - Read on: Media Inaf - Read on la Repubblica

August, 11 2017
Schiaparelli and the Merz-Repsold telescope

Merz-Repsold telescope used by G.V. Schiaparelli for Mars observations from our Observatory in Milano will be showed in the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milano. Read the article on ":La lettura - Corriere della sera" Schiaparelli and the telescope that caused the Mars legend
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July, 07 2017
Open Night in Merate - read the article!

Open Night in Merate a success!
July 07, 2017 from 7.00 p.m. - Open night in Merate: laboratories and telescopes guided tour and sky observation. Next opening in September. Read the article on Merateonline.
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June, 21 2017
The six women of the stars explain how they conquered Nasa

For the first time an article signed only by women. They discovered the secrets of Black Holes born after Big Bang. Among the six researchers Tullia Sbarrato who studied in our Observatory for degree and PhD. Read the article on Repubblica Le sei ragazze italiane delle stelle: "Così abbiamo conquistato la Nasa"
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August, 11 2014
OAB on Merateonline

On Merateonline our history (in italian). Go to links Merate: Osservatorio di Brera, cinque secoli di storia - Merate: telescopio Zeiss da 90 anni gioiello dell’Osservatorio, Marco Scardia "custode"