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July 2023
The "Giant Golden" Award to Oberto Citterio. After the dedication of an asteroid, another honor given by the municipality of Inverigo (Co) for scientific merits and technological developments - Read the reasons in the pdf file below
2023-07-16 icona per documenti web     icona per documenti pdf 
July, 11 2023
Euclid satellite and Open Night event in OAB - Download the articles in pdf format
2023-07-11      icona per documenti pdf 
April 2023
April, 21 and April 23 - You can visit the Gallery of Ancient Instruments also with the virtual - Article on Tuttomilano insert - Repubblica Newspaper Aprile, 20 2023
2023-04-20      icona per documenti pdf 
March 2023
Start of Ramadan 1444 hijri (2023/03/22) - Thanks to our colleagues who followed the event and its preparation - Article on
2023-03-22 icona per documenti web   
March 2023
"The largest Gamma-Ray observatory, Merate Capofila, is born. The newspaper "Giornale di Merate" interviews our researchers Gianpiero Tagliaferri and Giacomo Bonnoli. Download the article in pdf format
2023-03-14      icona per documenti pdf 
February 2023
"The Brera Astronomical Observatory - A history spanning 250 years" - Online article of the ITALIA Foundation: Land of Beauty - STEAM Special Edition: Read the article
2023-02-02 icona per documenti web