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November 2022
November, 20 2022 - "Mars is yellow, here it’s snowing" - Read in pdf format the article on La Lettura of Corriere della Sera newspaper.
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November 2022
On Wednesday 2 November, the medal dedicated to George Gamow, a Russian-Ukrainian naturalized American astrophysicist, was awarded to our colleague Filippo Zerbi, scientific director of INAF: The "George Gamow" medal to Filippo Zerbi - MediaInaf
September 9, 2022
Article from newspaper Il Giorno: "Never experienced a summer like this. The most tropical ever"
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September 9, 2022
Article from newspaper Il Corriere della Sera: "The bizarre weather seen from Brera: a 260-year survey."
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August, 29 September 1 2022
Astrophysical Polarimetry in the TimeDomain Era - August 29 - September 1 2022 - International Workshop organized by INAF-OAB at the Campus of Milano Polytechnic, Lecco territorial Pole - Read the news on LECCOTODAY: Supernovae, x-ray, gravitational waves: all the secrets at the Polytechnic - Download and read the article on La provincia: "The elite of astrophysics in Lecco city - 4 days at the Polytechnic"
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August 2022
Read in this very hot summer two articles about G.V. Schiaparelli’s diaries preserved in our site in Milano: From Brera to Mars with Schiaparelli’s diaries - MediaInaf - G.V. Schiaparelli’s diaries: alternative use of stamps
June, 06 2022
DESIGN WEEK NEWS - Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan - Saturn exposure: device for disinfection and inactivation of pathogens in closed environments patented by INAF and NVK Design

Article on
Read the article on Saturn exposure
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April, 19 2022
At the Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan, the Schiaparelli Dome can be visited again

Article by Stefano Brambilla - Italian Touring Club -
Read the article on At the Astronomical Museum of Brera, in Milan, the Schiaparelli Dome can be visited again
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April, 7 2022
Our Ukrainian guests tell about your story on Merateonline

Article by Saba Viscardi - Merateonline -
Read the article on Merate: the story of Vladimir and Oksa
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