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August, 11 2017
Schiaparelli and the Merz-Repsold telescope

Merz-Repsold telescope used by G.V. Schiaparelli for Mars observations from our Observatory in Milano will be showed in the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milano. Read the article on ":La lettura - Corriere della sera" Schiaparelli and the telescope that caused the Mars legend
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July, 07 2017
Open Night in Merate - read the article!

Open Night in Merate a success!
July 07, 2017 from 7.00 p.m. - Open night in Merate: laboratories and telescopes guided tour and sky observation. Next opening in September. Read the article on Merateonline.
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June, 21 2017
The six women of the stars explain how they conquered Nasa

For the first time an article signed only by women. They discovered the secrets of Black Holes born after Big Bang. Among the six researchers Tullia Sbarrato who studied in our Observatory for degree and PhD. Read the article on Repubblica Le sei ragazze italiane delle stelle: "Così abbiamo conquistato la Nasa"
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