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Method for the measure of thickness of semitransparent thin-films

Representative image for thesis Tutor: Vincenzo Cotroneo
Master’s Thesis

OAB is a leading institution in R&D for X-ray astronomical optics and is involved in future space missions such as ATHENA (ESA) and eXTP (CAS).
About twenty years ago, OAB has proposed the use of carbon-based coatings to improve soft X-ray reflectivity and it is currently developing, in collaboration with Politecnico of Milano and local industries, an innovative type of polymeric coating which greatly simplifies the application of the film.
This development offers several challenges, one of which is the measurement of these nanometric films, which being semi-transparent are not easy to characterize with conventional techniques.
The student will develop and calibrate a novel measurement method using advanced instruments at OAB’s lab.
This work will provide the opportunity to collaborate with international partners and industry, learn about different projects and technologies, and expose the student to a dynamic work environment.
The developed method could have potential applications beyond the field of astronomical optics, and the techniques and instruments have practical applications in other areas as well.